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Amazing Short film dedicated to all mothers. Must Watch #WhereHeavenLies  

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Hi Guys, 

I entered this Photo competition and I need your likes on facebook to win it. Please please please Shows cute face LIKE it

How do you like the photo?

Click on the photo first, then like it. By clicking the photo you will be liking the photo on the page where it's uploaded. 

I will give you guys cookies. Just ask me next time you see me :P 


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Hey, found this poster in my local bus stop and had to take a snap of it.

So Now you can ride your bike while wearing a Burqa on (long dress worn by Muslim women) . Nice. Thanks to Barclays bikes (boris Johnson), only possible in London. 😉 Only thing is not many Muslim women ride bikes, let alone wearing a burqa and ride.

This gives me an idea to start a bike riding lesson business for muslim
Women, £10 per hour, qualified bike rider who can ride bike on 2 wheels. 😜😝 Crash course also available. Just ask. 

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Amazing Documentary, only 30 minutes. Find out who is Joseph Kony and how to stop him. #stopkony2012

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Yay, twitter selling my tweets, should I be Excited?

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WOW, LIKE WE DIDNT KNOW THAT. Scientists wasting money on research.
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