The new Google+ Profile card on desktop: your personal details and contact information at a glance

You can view other peoples' profile cards by opening their Google+ Profile and clicking "About" on the header.

To see what your own profile card looks like, you will need to first sign out of your Google account, or open your Google+ Profile in an Incognito window.

If you think your profile needs tweaking, just visit your own profile while signed in, and click "About". That will open where you can update the visibility of your personal information and links.

Manage who can contact you via your Profile Card

Phone calls and email:

If you have a phone number or email address publicly visible in your Personal contact info at , visitors to your profile can email you or call you by clicking the appropriate icon on your Profile Card.

Anyone with your personal contact information in Google Contacts will also see that option.

Google Hangouts

It appears that all Google+ Profiles will display the option to start a Hangouts conversation. If you want to manage who can contact you through Google Hangouts, you can Customize Invite Settings in your Hangouts settings (at, the Hangouts extension, or in your Gmail account).

Google+ Pages have the Hangouts button grayed out, because Hangouts does not support Pages or Brand Accounts.

Calendar Events

If a person's email address is visible, then you will also see an icon to schedule a Google Calendar Event with that person. If you don't want such events added to your Calendar, go to your Google Calendar Settings ( to disable the option to Automatically add invitations to my calendar.

Alternatively, you can change your Personal contact info settings ( so that your email address is not publicly visible.
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