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NO DEPOSIT, FREE EDUCATION TO 2, 3, 4 years old 


LOVE OUR CHILD nursery is specialising in early education and childcare provided for the children aged 6 months to 5 years old and above. Our nursery is approved by OFSTED – Office For Standard in Education. Our passion for childcare comes from a long experience gained during our work with children, based on the pedagogic and didactic educational approach.

Opening times: LOVE OUR CHILD Day Nursery is open Monday to Friday, also during school holidays, 7.15am– 6.00pm. Nursery is closed during bank holidays and weekends.

The Nursery Building: There are 60 available childcare places on the surface 400m sq. The building is spacious, divided in three areas:

STARS 6 Months - 2.5 yr old:The cosy, black and white room with use of stimulating, contrasting black, white, red and yellow colours supporting the development of children under 2. Stars communicate with carers by Baby Sign Language (of British Sign Language). By teaching sign language to our children from as young as 6 months we can help them to convey their emotions and their needs. 

BUTTERFLIES 2-3 yr:The vibrant, orange room with use of pastel blue colours supporting the emotional and visual development of toddlers including the soft play area for their rapid physical development.

BUSY BEES for children over 3 yr old. The green room designed for children from both of groups above, contains interchanging corners for specific activities in mind: book corner, music area, construction area, role play area-home corner, shop, little people corner , jungle theme area, farm area, doctor’s, theatre, stage, dressing up room, sensory room for messy play and over 80m2 free space designed for physical activities, climbing frame and slides, trampoline and creation of artwork. In the building, there are also: 4 bathrooms (one of them with a bath), PE room, rest room, heuristic play room (water play, pasta, cotton wool, rice etc.) and dress up room. Every room has undergone a complete renovation in 2012 and is equipped with toys appropriate for child’s age and stage of development, in accordance with national childcare standards.New PE room 45m2 reconstructed in August 2014. In the spacious main hall, there is a cloakroom area where child’s belongings can be left in their individual tray, it is also a place for exchanging information between Parents and staff members.

Additionally, we have a garden for children, buggy parking area and car parking spaces.

Locate us: Our Nursery is located in the town centre, near bus station– close to public transport routes 219, 216, 347 , train route Huddersfield – Manchester, (new tram route Ashton- Manchester will be opened soon). Driving directions – OL6 7AS.

THE NURSERY ETHOS: Our priority is respecting every child as an individual, providing them with professional care and helping them in every possible way to develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills in order to reach their full potential.

In our nursery, we want to show the children that Jesus is the centre of all that is happening in our lives. We celebrate Roman Catholic events and traditional events from other religions of children who attend our nursery. We cultivate traditional days from Polish as well as English calendar. We value every person regardless of culture, language, religion, race, ability, age, gender, origins and economic status.

The sessions organised in our setting are based on the Early Years Fundation Stage (EYFS), as well as on some of the Montessorri method of teaching and chosen programmes from other countries.

Our goal is to help children reach their potential through respecting every child as an individual, respecting their rights, providing the best possible conditions for optimal development, ensuring safety, stability, learning through experience of first separation from parents, contact with other children, group interaction and preparing for the reception class.

The child’s individual development is supported by daily information sharing between the Parent and a member of staff, in the child’s file. It also contains child’s worksheets and artwork, observations of child’s developmental progress, activity planning- everyday directed activities and targets tailored individually for every child in order to help them reach milestones on their developmental scale. Several thousands of photos available on our website link OUR PHOTOS ALBUMS. The planned activities are led in English and Polish language simultaneously, by bilingual staff.

NURSERY STAFF: All of our staff have appropriate education and experience needed to work with children on every level. The staff continues to expand their knowledge by taking relevant courses.

NURSERY MANAGER, SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS COORDINATOR, SAFEGUARDING, BAHAVIOUR, HEALTH &SAFETY MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR - JOLA: 20 years of experience in childcare ages 0-12 . Studied Fundamentals of Pedagogy and Psychology , pre-school education courses by Montessorri & after diploma Special Educational Needs courses, Diploma in Nutrition and Economy; Level 5 Management in Child Care, Teaching Assistant course, Paediatric First Aid. Completed also: Children's Sign Language courses in the UK, "Child Observation, Assessment and Planning,"  "Allergies in Children", Level 3 Food Award Safety Certificate, Difficulties in Communication, including Autism, "Home from Home", "Early Years Foundation Stage Network"; "Reflect on Practice", "Common Process Awareness Training" , "Quality EYFS 36-60 months,"CAF training" "Transition without tears", "SENDCoordinator", "Behaviour problems in children”, Risk Assessment CACHE level 2 . Voluntary worked in children hospice, voluntary worked in Primary School in Ashton.  6 years works at "Love Our Child"

EARLY YEARS FOUNDATION STAGE COORDINATOR, SENCO, DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING, PREE - SCHOOL LEADER ROOM AND DEPUTY MANAGER, ROOM LEADER BUSY BEES: MARIA: 15 years experiences in childcare, age 0-6. Courses: Art College, Level 5 Management in Child Care in progress, Teaching assistant, Peadiatric First Aid, Safeguarding, NVQ level 3 CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S WORKFORCE,  Child Sign Language courses in the UK," English as an additional language of the Child, EAL",“Home from  home training ”"Child Safety", "Quality EYFS 36-60 months,"CAF training" "Transition without tears", "SEND Coordinator",“The Life of a 2 year old, their interests, preferences and learning styles”,“Jump, shout and wiggle about”,“Positive attachments and Key Person approach”, Risk Assessment CACHE level 2, Safeguarding children - Risky Business, Voluntary work in a private Day Nursery Manchester.  6 years work at "Love Our Child", Observation Assessment and Planning. Safeguarding lead professional.

DEPUTY MANAGER - ONLY COVER UP- JADWIGA: Quality Teacher Status QTS 13 years experiences in childcare ages 3 to 10 . Diploma in Polish Philology, Level 5 Management in Child Care, Health and Safety for Childcare Practitioners, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety, Healthy Weight in Children, Healthy Start, Equality and Diversity,3 years voluntary worked  in the Polish School in London,  6 years work at "Love Our Child"

PRE-SCHOOL PRACTITIONER BUSY BEES ROOM LEADER COVER UP ONLY (CHILDREN OVER 3y) - ILONA: Quality Teacher Status QTS, Studied Pedagogy within the scope of integrated teaching and pre-school education, Course councillor, Course to improve teacher in pedagogy music.  Childminder Course, Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding Children, SEND CO. Worked in school of Dancing, 5 years work at "Love Our Child"

ROOM LEADER (CHILDREN 6month-2.5Y) ALICJA: Quality Teacher Status, SENCO, Food Safety, Equality and Diversity 2013, Safeguarding course, Storytelling,  The Manager course of Leisure Facilities 2011, the Instructor course for a Recreation 2008, First Aid Rescue  2007 School Scouting, First Aid 2009, Peadiatric First Aid 2013, English Certificate Level2 Cambridge Acadamy 2012, 1 year babysitting 2 and 3 yr old children, 1 year Au-pair, 3 years work as a headteacher in polish Nursery, apprenticeship in Baby room at Moston Nursery , 6 years Leader of Scouts Team for 9-14 years old children,Risk Assessment CACHE level 2 . 2 years works at "Love Our Child", Observation Assessment and Planning. health and safety lead professional.

ROOM LEADER (CHILDREN 2 to 3y), DESIGNATED BEHAVIOURS MANAGEMENT COORDINATOR SYLWIA: NVQ level 3 in CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S WORKFORCE, Promoting Speech and Language in Nursery Setting, Let's get messy workshop, First Aid Peadiatric, Safeguarding Children, SENCO, ECAT, 4 years works at "Love Our Child", Observation Assessment and Planning,Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene, Health and Safety at work, CAF lead professional training .Behaviour Management Lead Professional. 

KATARZYNA: Qualified Teacher Status LEVEL 6, Observation assessment and planning

SAFOURA - NVQ CYPW level 3, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level1, Equality & Diversity in the Workplace, Risk Assesment. 6months works at Love Our Child, Observation Assessment and Planning

RESCHOOL ROOM LEADER JOANNA: QTS level 6, Risk Assessment CACHE level 2,Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level 1, Equality & Diversity in the Workplace, Paediatric First Aid, Observation Assessment and Planning

ANNA: QTS LEVEL 6, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level 1, Equality & Diversity in the Workplace, Risk Assessment, Observation Assessment and Planning

MARIAM: Level 3 in Social Care and Early Years, Safeguarding Children, Peadiatric First Aid, Risk Assessment, Level 3 in CHILD CARE, Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene, Observation Assessment and Planning.

THOMAS: NVQ CYPW level 3, SENCO, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level 1, Equality & Diversity in the Workplace, Risk assessment CACHE level 2. Observation assessment and planning.

STACEY: NVQ CYPW level 3, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level1, Equality & Diversity in the Workplace, Risk Assessment CACHE level 2, Observation Assessment and Planning

KATE: QTS level 6, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level 1, Equality and Diversity in the workplace, Risk assessment, Assessment and Planning, Early Child Development- foundation, Contribute to children and young people's health and safety.

STEPHANIE : Level 6 in Child Care, SENCO, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level 1, Key Skills in communication level 2, Observation Assessment and Planning

NAOMI: Level 5 in Child Care, Foundation Degree in Early Years, BA Hons Top Up Early Years, Safeguarding children, Paediatric First Aid, Food safety and Hygiene level 1, Observation planning &assessment, Risk Assessment 

EWELINA: QTS level 6, Risk Assesment, First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level 1, Equality &Diversity in the Workplace

ARIADNA: QTS level 6, Risk Assessment, First Aid, Risk assessment in Safeguarding Children, Food Safety and Hygiene level 1, Equality& Diversity in the workplace, Observation Assessment and Planning.

MONIKA: QTS level 6, Risk assessment in Safeguarding, Introduction to Safeguarding Children, Equality and Diversity in the Workplace, Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene, Observation, Assessment and Planning course, Safeguarding Children, First Aid

Students: None at present

MONIKA:  NVQ LEVEL3 CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S WORKFORCE, Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding course, Food Safety, Level 6 in PL, 4 years works at "Love Our Child".


DANUTA: CARETAKER, First Aid, Safeguarding Children

NUTRITION: Throughout the day, we provide fresh made food, prepared in the setting on the same day. Breakfast: sandwich and milk, cereal; Lunch: home-made soup; Dinner: hot meal; Dessert; Supper: sandwich. Fruit and water available at all times. Drinks are prepared with boiled water and every child has their individual cup. We do not eat between meals, we do not allow sweets(except at birthdays and special occasions), we do not drink fizzy drinks. At nursery, we do not eat pork( (instead we provide beef, lamb, chicken, fish.)Every child’s dietary needs, allergies and the nursery’s menu is discussed at first meeting with the parents.

Safety:Our nursery has its own policies and regulation, discussed and signed by the parents at first meeting, undergoing revision due to any change. There is an intercom in the building.

Health: Staff is allowed to administer medicines, and all members of staff are trained as first aiders. Children go outdoors dressed in the clothes that parents provided or according to parents’ wishes. Children who are ill do not go outdoors if this is requested by the parents.

Price list:The nursery fee is paid weekly in advance by transferring the money to the nursery’s account, every Friday. There is a 1 week deposit, paid in advance in the beginning of child’s placement. The hourly rate starts at £4, depending of child’s age and the hours spent in the setting.This price included 5 times a day meals, tennis, zumba / ballet/ swimming sessions, and insurance.

2 &3 & 4 year olds are entitled to free childcare- 15 hours a week, paid by the council. Up to 70% childcare cost refund paid by government – the amount of childcare element depending on parent’s income. (HMRC).

New Parents:We have an open door policy so you are welcome to visit us any time. You will be able to discuss any aspects of childcare at your first meeting. You will be able to view the setting, take part in our day and stay with your child as the get used to being amongst their new friends and carers.

Contact us: Address: LOVE OUR CHILD Day Nursery210 Katherine Street, OL6 7AS Ashton Under Lyne. e-mail: Telephone: 0161 33 98 044 (The nursery premises 7.15 am - 6 pm) 0793 9625 573 - ( 9.30 am - 6.30 pm Jolanta – Nursery Manager)

Contact Information
+44 7939 625573
+44 7939 625573