Some foul scoundrel stole the minnow trap I put out last night. When I went to get it this morning it was gone. Man I was peeved. So I took Paige kayaking and dropped another off in a different location. Coming back I stopped by where I dropped the first one in the water and some ladies were crabbing with their kids. They indicated that there was a minnow trap tied off on the other dock. So I went over there and learned that this was my trap. So it was not stolen, just the minnows inside stolen and moved. They moved it to the boat launch and a boat hit it so now it is all bent up. I knew it was my trap because of the bait inside (I use this cut squid that lasts forever it seems). Well there were two minnows in the bent up trap. Luckily, the trap I put out before kayaking had about three dozen minnows (in about an hour mind you). So we were good for the day.

Still, uncool whoever stole my minnows and almost ruined my trap.
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