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Dear Stupid People,
I know
I shouldn't let other people's idiocy bother me so much, but there
comes a point where I can no longer just watch another human being
say really, really, really , REALLY moronic things without keeping my mouth shut and saying something
about it. This...

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Please Stop the Gender-Baiting
Has anyone else noticed that whenever
certain people – and by “certain people” I mean certain
feminist internet “journalists”, bloggers, and YouTube
celebrities – speak, they speak as if every single issue contains a
component of male vs. female and then pr...

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Don't Fool Yourself. Anyone Can Be a Racist.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines racism as "the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to other races."  Seems pretty clear...

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Is Evolution Satanic?
One of the basic arguments made by creationists is that evolution is a Satanic viewpoint, created by the Devil to deceive people into abandoning Jesus. Organized science, therefore, is nothing more than an atheistic, anti-Christian cult who -- through evil...

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Let's Take a Look at Noah's Flood
According to the Book of Genesis, the global flood took place when Noah was 600 years old. Now, if you assume, as the Christians do, that the world was created in 4004 BCE, this would place the flood at about 2400 BCE, give or take a decade or two. In oth...

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The Problem With Hermione Granger and Her Fans
Better settle in, folks, this one is going to be a long one. On the other hand, its not going to be about politics.  Nope, this one is sort of silly.  My thoughts and ideas regarding one of the best-regarded characters in children's literature:  Hermione Gr...

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Too Many Unanswered Questions
I was a part of a discussion recently about reparations being made for slavery in the US, and I objected to the idea based on the fact that a) the last person we can confirm was a slave in this country died sometime around 1958, and b) the last person we ca...

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I've got a question I need answered.  To whit:  why aren't you supposed to ever apply the standard social-justice terminology to traditionally oppressed groups? Seriously, doing this freaks people out.  You want to make a Social Justice Warrior completely l...

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Breast Cancer Awareness
It's October, which means its Breast Cancer Awareness Month again. With that in mind, I wanted to share something that most people just aren't aware of, and that never seems to get mentioned this time of year. Namely, that men can and do get breast cancer t...

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Let's Talk About Christian Apologetics
Okay, let's start out with a quick explanation of just what Christian Apologetics is.  In a nutshell, Christian Apologetics is when someone defends the Christian religion by coming up with explanations for problems with Christian belief and Christian doctri...
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