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Jingxuan Li

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Believe it or not,
I get to the Pyramid now! But it doesn’t seem a treasure for me. I keep digging
for the whole night, I keep digging while my hand and arm broken, I keep
digging while others surrounds me asking me for treasure, but I cannot find my

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The closest time to death
How unfortunate
is! I put through plenty of difficulties about my way to the pyramid. However,
we are caught by the troops at the end. Just as an old saying says, the darkest
night is just before the dawn. We gave them all the possessions to them, but
they ...

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Meeting with the Alchemist at Al Fayoum
Hello everyone! I’ve
experienced so many things these days in the oasis. After the days sharing time
with Fatima, I went to the most charming tent in the desert, decorated carpets
on the ground and gold above the surface of the lamps. They asked me about th...

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Meeting Fatima at Al Fayoum
You cannot imagine
I’ve passed through part of the desert and finally reach the oasis, where the
alchemist lives. Also, it is said that there is a battle in the desert of two
tribes. However, we cannot find the alchemist immediately. We waited at the well,

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Disastrous Tangier
I cannot imagine my first step on my way of
discovering treasure is Tangier, which is one of the most charming cities in
Africa! While there are so many different customs from where I came. I’ve just
found that the most difficult problem is the language! I ...
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