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Alkidr Munqarnakir
The legend of the most powerful warlock ever known in the Earth comes back...
The legend of the most powerful warlock ever known in the Earth comes back...


"We exist in time, but we belong to Eternity."


"Existimos en el tiempo, pero pertenecemos a la Eternidad."

"Magic is the science of understanding one's self and one's condition."


"La Magia es la ciencia del entendimiento de uno mismo y de la propia condición."

- Aleister Crowley

"Ignorance is the root cause of all Evil. Since only Knowledge eradicates ignorance, it is our duty and moral obligation to educate ourselves, as well as the masses around us."


"La ignorancia es la raíz de todo el Mal. Puesto que únicamente el Conocimiento erradica la ignorancia, es nuestro deber y obligación moral educarnos a nosotros mismos, así como a las multitudes que nos rodean."

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Do you know? Up to date, almost a third of young women in the United States have no means to overcome poverty conditions, after dropping out high school. These girls' situation will become a social problem for our country for the future, because it's more likely they will raise very soon poor kids, compared to women with better education resources. Ten enthusiasts of the #OccultSciences, can afford U$10, enough to train a single girl to use a smartphone as a learning and working tool. One dollar can change someone's life. Think about it.

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Let's go to the public square to talk about our new immortal life.

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Be aware of casting magic spells under the Black Moon, if you're an enthusiast who doesn't belong to a lineage. You'll be drained by vampires.

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Happy Walpurgisnacht!!!
Happy Walpurgisnacht my dear witches and sorcerers!!!

Thanks to Alkidr Munqarnakir -- wiseman of the VII Century -- the contemporary world has access to the Codex Arkanum [Abstrusissimus Cognitio Corpus]. 

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Wow!! Here, Luke Skywalker remind us how the Magicians of the Codex Arkanum use to dress themselves.
#ThrowbackThursday - A behind the scenes shot from Return of the Jedi captures Luke mirroring his father.
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