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Are you a blogger? Join our #TeacherTuesday campaign. Help give 10 teachers from 10 countries a voice and call on governments to prioritise quality in education. 

Our latest Report showed that teachers need support to help ensure children learn in class. But policies can only be effective if those responsible for implementing them are involved in shaping them. 

Take part by writing your own blog about the teachers, sharing other blogs as they are written, and talking with the teachers every tuesday in a twitter chat (@EFAReport).
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This picture speaks a thousand words. Education is vital on so many levels.
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The education world is buzzing with conversations on what will happen after the current Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015.

Today we have a guest blog from Save the Children UK on their new report launch and their vision to end the learning crisis.
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Anybody has figures on the average costs of textbooks over a whole education career say from 5 to 16 yrs?  I'm from the olpc community. The cost of the XO laptop = 162 €+30€ for the PhotoVoltaic panel=192€/7 yrs average lifetime=27 €/XO.year.  The XO can hold about 1000 ebooks, so all textbooks for the first year, second year, all the way up to the last year. I wonder how this value of 27€/yr relates to the cost of real world books.  Just some thumbrule numbers would be ok. Thy.
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New blog: What’s top of the 2012 global #education news?

The GMR team is extremely grateful to all our readers for your engagement, comments and feedback. We wish you a very enjoyable festive season and happy New Year!
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Armed conflict robs 28 million children of an education.

In their makeshift classroom, this young girl Congolese girl and her classmates share their thirst for knowledge. But as conflict continues in the DRC the hidden crisis is that many children will be left with no education.

Just six days of military spending by aid donors would close the US$16 billion Education for All external financing gap.

Read our 2011 report on conflict and education:
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Did you know that every $1 spent on education generates $10-$15 in economic growth.
That’s smart investment!
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Our new guest blogger, Cris Revaz, from the Basic Education Coalition believes the next education-related goal post-2015 should be universal primary and secondary education by 2030. 

What do you think?
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World leaders: Don’t forget education!

Education underpins all the current Millennium Development Goals, which end in 2015. Our new blog series focuses on the importance of education in the new goals.

Today’s guest blog comes from Jonathan Penson, education adviser at The Commonwealth
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Join us today as we celebrate the start of free primary education in Namibia.

Education. As it should be.
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Edjucation must 4 every child. 
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We’ve partnered with the Guardian data blog and for an exciting infographics competition.

Data and infographics are a key way for us to track the global Education for All goals and inform policy makers.

Winners will have their work displayed on the influential Guardian Data blog and become a respected certified designer.

Get all the details here:

Please share with your friends.

(infographic by Shane Snow)
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Be part of our 2013 report – we want your input.

Our focus is Teaching and Learning for Development.

World leaders ignore the learning crisis at their peril.

It is not only failing children, but also leaving countries without the knowledge and skills needed to accelerate progress towards tackling poverty reduction, malnutrition, environmental degradation, and other development outcomes.

Have your say: Our online consultation has opened today. Read our blog post and add your voice:
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One in five young people haven’t completed primary school & lack skills to find work.

Let’s change that.

To celebrate International Education Week we’re sharing this picture of a young girl attending an electrical repair class at USCOD, a non-profit in Sri Lanka.

Education must prepare young people for work. Please share with your friends.
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The Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR) tracks the world's progress towards the six Education for All goals.

Download the latest report: Youth and Skills: Putting education to work:

On November 21st 2012 we launched our Youth Report - produced by a task force of 600 young people from around the globe:

The Education for All Global Monitoring Report is an independent report published by UNESCO that tracks the world’s progress towards the six education goals to which over 160 countries committed themselves in 2000.

Out next report will focus on skills development for marginalized young people.

There have been 10 Reports published between 2002 and 2012:

2002 Education for All: Is the world on track?
2003/04 Gender and Education for All: the leap to equality
2005 Education for All: The Quality Imperative
2006 Literacy for life
2007 Strong foundations: early childhood care and education
2008 Education for All by 2015. Will we make it?
2009 Overcoming inequality: why governance matters
2010 Reaching the marginalized
2011 The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education
2012 Youth and Skills: Putting Education to work.
2012 Youth and Skills Youth report:

All of them are available to download for free on our website at

Follow us on Twitter: and join us on Facebook:
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