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Novelist, technologist

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How do you spend your Sundays?
It struck me just now how quiet my weekends are. Is everyone's weekends so tame? Like most writers, I have a day job. I try to write or edit for two hours on weekdays (don't always meet that goal, of course) and save the weekends for deep dives. You may hav...

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Why Does It Take So Long to Publish a Book?
I hope that you saw my recent post on the good news : the next book, THE HUNGER, has been sold! Since it's early days in the process we don't have a publication date yet. Given that technology has made production cycles much shorter in many industries, it's...

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Guess who wrote a porno?
A couple years back I got an idea in my head for an erotic short story. Some ideas are like cravings: you just can't rest until you indulge it. So I wrote it up. And one story became two, and then three . . . and The Collected Stories of Isolde was born. It...

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A different Taker
It took ten years to produce the published version of The Taker . Earlier drafts were quite different, including attempts with multiple third-person points of view. That's right: earlier versions had chapters written from Jonathan's perspective. There were ...

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Is it that time of year again? NaNoWriMo
For those of you undertaking National Novel Writing Month , or NaNoWriMo, I remind you of the daily tips I published (with the help of writer friends) in 2011. Please check them out if you need inspiration. There are tips and links to online resources and a...

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My Capclave Schedule
Here in the Maryland-DC-Virginia region we're blessed with multiple celebrations of the book, and one of the most enjoyable is Capclave , the Washington Science Fiction Association's annual convention. Unlike many science fiction-fantasy cons these days, Ca...

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TODAY ONLY - $1.99 ebooks on Kindle
Surprise - we're the Kindle Daily Deal! Today only you can get the ebook of The Taker , The Reckoning , and The Descent for $1.99 on Kindle. Publishers set the prices (though Amazon chooses which book gets to be a Kindle Daily Deal) so I don't know when the...

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Outlander vs. The Taker
Outlander: Men in kilts Readers, I'd like your opinion on this. Are you familiar with Diana Gabaldon 's series, Outlander ? Historical fiction that goes deep into Scottish, British and American history, a romance that defies time, with a fantasy element run...

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Writer's process & tools: paper notebooks
Writers are obsessed with each other's process. We always want to know how other authors do it, capture lightning in a bottle. Why we're obsessed with it, I'll talk about in another blog post. Today we're going to talk about tools. For a while, a presentati...

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Valentine's Day: What is love?
There was love in a hay field in The Taker, too. Valentine's Day, that most peculiar of holidays. The day we celebrate the idea of being in love.  I have said that The Taker is an anti-romance. One of the reasons I wrote it is because I was horrified by the...
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