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Felipe Coimbra
Software Engineer. Traveler. Founder of +63squares.
Software Engineer. Traveler. Founder of +63squares.


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Hey guys, as you might know I've been working on an initiative to help the refugees in Europe. The idea has evolved quite a bit since I started sharing it with people, but we're making progress and here's an update.

We're not starting it in Serbia anymore. After talking to some people there and seeing the latest developments, we have decided that Turkey would be a better country to get started. While most of what we see in the news is from the time the refugees cross from Turkey to Greece and their journey through the Balkans and Europe. Turkey currently hosts over 2 million refugees and 85% of them are NOT on refugee camps. In my beloved Istanbul alone, there are over 500 thousand refugees.

I'm leaving Canada a bit earlier than originally planned. On Nov 30, I'll be flying to Izmir, via Sarajevo (not enough connection time) and Istanbul. I'll spend on day in Istanbul before continuing to Izmir.

For those of you who don't know, Izmir is from where the refugees start their boat journey to Lesvos island (Greece.)
I have connected with a few people in Izmir willing to help. The first initiative we'll be working on is to try to find a temporary home for homeless refugees in Izmir. So, they can have some time to think about what their options are and maybe connect with other relief organizations.

We're planning to offer 600TL ($200 USD) to local families in Izmir to take in a refugee family and 300TL ($100 USD) to the refugees themselves per month. The money will be raised through the crowdfunding platform that I'm working on:

Thee are a few other ideas, but I'll work on them once we've been able to connect to the refugees there and see what their needs are and what can be done. But, I want to briefly share them with you here in case you may have anything to add to these ideas:

1) Ways to help families financially with the condition that they send their kids to school. Refugee children are allowed to attend Turkish schools, but many of them have to sell things or beg for money on the streets to help their families.

2) Ways to finance medicine for chronically ill refugees.

3) Find artists among the refugees and create a platform to sell their art work in North America and Europe. Of course, ALL of the proceeds goes to the artists so they can help their family and community.

4) Set up a way for tourists visiting Turkey to hire refugees as tour guides. Many of them have been in Turkey for many years now.

5) Create a platform where people studying Arabic around the world can hire refugees to be able to practice language skills with a native Arabic speaker.

Anyway, these are just a few in my list. Basically, I've been trying to think of anything they can do from there that wouldn't necessarily take jobs from the local population and would allow them to earn some extra money from wealthier countries. If you think of anything else, please share it here or email me:

Thanks for reading this so far... One more thing to ask. Here are a some ways you can help us:

1) If you're in Izmir or anywhere else in Turkey and would like to join us as a volunteer, please email

2) You can Sponsor LEAF - Starting at $10 USD. This money will be used to start new initiatives, expand to other locations in Turkey or similar countries, support our volunteers (if needed) and towards the cause itself:

3) Share a tweet about our project and help us spread the message. Feel free to write your own, or retweet this:

4) Share a post on Facebook and help us spread the message. Feel free to write your own, or share this:

Thank you all very much!


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Too funny!

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Launching a new product today. Looking for feedback. It's a smart task manager. If you have some time, try it out for a week or so and let me know what you think. If you like it, keep using it :)

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Biking in Montreal, Quebec. From downtown to the Plateau to Old Port. Summer, 2014.

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Of course it isn't. What was I thinking...

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Have you ever used Chrome Remote Desktop to remotely access your computer from a different laptop or computer? Today that same functionality is coming to +Android phones & tablets with the Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android. Simply launch the app, select which computer you’d like to access, and start using it as if you were sitting in front of it. 

You can start setting up a computer for remote access by installing the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Web Store: And if you’d like to learn more about how to use Chrome Remote Desktop, you can check out these tips:

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Funny show. Saw the first episode and I have actually met so many of the characters in the show. If you're in the US, you can actually watch the full 1st episode on YouTube. If not... well, you know what to do.

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How Canadians Celebrate Spring:

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