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Amazing information, I learned so much! We were trying to decide of one of our horses should be in a bosal or a hackamore, and this helped our decision. Thank you so much for all of the helpful and amazing advise. You guys are FANTASTIC!!!!

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Lots of Changes......Lots of Projects.....and lots of future plans.....
Dear Possible Readers, My apologies for the long winded "Under Construction Site," I am still currently working on my blog, website, and all pages. I am in plans on sharing all my plans with you all very soon. In the mean time.....Instead of the "Under Cons...

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Under Construction.
Thank you all for your patience!!! The site will be back up shortly! Happy Writing and Reading, J.T. Brown

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I am taking some time to catch up, please email me at if you need anything. Thank you so much for following me. :)

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A little time away....
Dear Possible Readers,   My blog has taken a great hit of Maine recently. We have
been hit apron and hit again with ice storms and snow storms, causing power and
internet outages. I have failed to update my blogs and such, instead I have
been taking the tim...

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Another Wonderful Donation for Our Christmas Mission!!
Dear Possible Readers, We just received another donation for our Christmas Mission. This is a wonderful dear book called - "Pie an Old Brown Horse." Author and dear friend Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo. Kandy is a very talented writer and she really has written Pie'...

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Christmas Rambles and Stories.......
    Dear Possible Readers, I have been so busy, when the time is right I will be
filling you in…..   It is Christmas Time, How about some stories…… .   Copyright © J.T. Brown 2013 Three Dreams of Christmas Copyright
© 2013 J.T. Brown    http://authorjtbrown...

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First Donation!!!!!
Dear Readers, Please read through Our Christmas Mission for more details!!!! We got our very first donation for Maine Books for Maine Kids!!!!! Thank you so much Leandra Wallace !!!!! Your caring and loving heart will make a child very happy!!!! Words can...

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Attention Children's Authors!!!
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