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Day 1 of Year 6 ✽ Yollis' 366 Project

✽ ✽ ✽

Thank you +Colleen Rose

for contributing our first photo of 2016!

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Last photo of the year!

Thank you to all the contributors! Year 6 starts tomorrow!

365 ★ Reflections

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Students organizing our class library & starting the #daily5 

A great way for students to learn about the classroom library! Thank you +Erin Klein for a fabulous idea!

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Blogging Tip :: Make a "How to Comment" Video Tutorial for Parents.

Help parents learn how to participate on a classroom blog. 

Address questions like: 

How do I access the comment section?
Which profile should I use?
How do I know if my comment was sent?
What does it mean if a word is underlined in red?

Build a blogging community! 


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Happy Fourth of July, America!

Do you know how to retire a tattered American flag? Watch this video!

[ From the archive]

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My third graders are having fun applying their biography research. Historic figures are having conversations in the comment section of our blog!

Informational text + creative writing + voice = Fun! 

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Ross Mannell is a fabulous teacher and member of my PLN. A retired teacher in Australia still teaching to a global classroom. 

Thank you, Ross!
Today has been a day of blogging events. 

Earlier I shared a post celebrating my main blog's 200th post & a class giveaway. Today is also the 3rd birthday of the same blog so another post and class giveaway has been written. 

The class giveaways are open to any school class in the world with a random draw deciding the winners. For the 3rd birthday post...

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Happy Memorial Day :: A post from one of my former students. What a beautiful way to honor those who have given so much. 
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