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Our Innovation 

In 1996, Robert Hanson, the founder and CEO of developed and perfected an innovative coating process, which has set the industry standard. This innovative technique remains the benchmark of the garage floor coating industry and has raised the bar to a new level by which all other garage floor coatings are measured.

Our Legacy

Robert Hanson still has the same vision and commitment to quality that he had when he started with one truck and one employee: to exceed each customer's expectations.

"As a business or contractor, it is easy to talk about these things, but it's quite another to practice what you preach. In our organization, every single employee takes great pride in the execution of these objectives each and every day. From our receptionists, to our sales and installations teams, everyone is courteous and very knowledgeable about our products and services. You will not find a better group of employees dedicated to making the garage floor coating and process a great experience."

"You have our commitment and promise!"

Robert Hanson - Founder & CEO

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