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Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu
Young Talented Blogger, Writer, Poet and Founder of Xclusive Tech Blog. He is a Website Designer and a Certified Graphics Designer.
Young Talented Blogger, Writer, Poet and Founder of Xclusive Tech Blog. He is a Website Designer and a Certified Graphics Designer.


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It all seems they took their own lives but indirectly those that prevented them from following their passion, choice and upholding honestly killed them indirectly. This piece of #poetry by Odey Goodness Ogeyi paints the awful picture of murdered dreams, aspirations, love and more.
Happy Reading!

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 Confused Identity - Collabo by Ogechi Veronica & Stefn Sylvester

Your magical words
like the balm of Gilead heals the soul,
It gives motivation to the downcast.

So I heard.
Is that to be believed?
No dear.
I refuse to be deceived!

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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have unquestionably been highly successful in bolstering governments’ commitment to poverty reduction, achieving basic education and health, promoting gender equality and environmental sustainability, and bridging the gaps in human development. In spite of these progresses, globalized education is still a requisite and the primary tool in achieving the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda – the continuation of effort to achieve prosperity, equity, freedom, dignity, peace and respect in a world of cultural and linguistic diversity after 2015.

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#‎Writivity‬ - Article Title: Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Double-check spelling and word usage in your article title.

2. Commas are allowed, but only in the middle of a title.

3. Do not put a period at the end of your article title.

4. All colons (:) and semicolons (;), long and medium dashes, pipes (|), and slashes (/) are to be replaced with two short dashes (--), or changed to word equivalents.

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Stefn Sylvester Anyatonwu commented on a post on Blogger.
Where there is life.... you know the rest?

Nice piece bro.

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Here is the next edition of the Training Series: An Introduction to Article Writing and Marketing.

Writing articles is fun, but it can be even more rewarding when you learn how to produce more in less time.

Article Sets Defined: A "set of articles" is anytime you produce 2 or more articles at a time.

Types of Article Sets:
Article sets by topic or sub-topic.

Example: If you were writing about racquetball as your topic, you could make a plan to write 2 articles on racquetball nutrition, 4 articles that go into detail about each of the different color of racquet balls on the market and what they mean, and a 10-pack of articles on forehand or backhand drills.

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Lost in an ink infested Utopia.
Thanks for your concern.
But I do not wish to be found.

A forest of Words and Rhymes surround me.
The sky is blue
And so is my Muse.

Poetry is my obsession.
It's no delusion.

I am the Pengician.
My name... Sylvester.

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Life is not all about Winning and Succeeding. If you must achieve anything in life and if you must live a better and enjoyable life, then you must first taste failure.
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