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Dianne Karp

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My knight, Vsct Master Sir Cavis Auklandus used to use that one.

Dianne Karp

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To the nice person in the car in front of me who paid for my Starbucks coffee - thank you! Pay it forward!!
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Dianne Karp

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We caught one of the, likely, last summer days this year. sunny, windless, about 70 degrees. We were able to bathe all three hunt horses, let them dry and then body clip them.

Good news - my 'new' heavy duty Sunbeam clippers ($300 new, $80 for me off Ebay) worked BEAUTIFULLY, Three horses body clipped in just over an hour. The little clippers (which are not designed for body clipping) would take over an hour PER HORSE.

Happy me!!! Filthy but happy!
Bad News - the 'blankets on, blankets off' daily chore starts tonight and goes until last spring
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Dianne Karp

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THANK YOU!!  That took about 20minutes.  After watching your video, I felt confident I could fix this myself.  I found the $150 part on Ebay for $35.  I waited for good weather, re-watched the video and TaDa!!!  It did take two of us for the 'holding up the door' bits!

Dianne Karp

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Per a story on NPR - folks like G+ but only spend a few minutes on it a month as opposed to FB where they spend hours a day. Help support a better platform!!!!!! More chatter!
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Dianne Karp

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Commentary on cats

I am sewing and the BBC (big black cat) is sleeping on the bed. The phone rings. I answer it and lay on the bed to chat. BBC gets up and curls into the curve of my hip. Then BBC gets up and lays on my side, using his claws to hang on. ouch. BBS gets up again and head butts me. BBC starts to play Attack Cat with the hand holding the phone.

Please keep in mind that I am PETTING the cat throughout.

I sit up. BBC stands on my shoulder, sinks his claws in and bites me. I get up and walk into the bathroom. BBS jumps on toilet seat, stands on me and yells --- while sinking claws into my hip.

I leave bathroom and walk around bedroom. BBS yells and gets underfoot. I sit on bed - repeat above.

I end call and hang up phone. I go back to sit and sew. BBC follows me until I sit down then he goes back onto the bed and goes to sleep.

Why do we put up with cats?
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Involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism where I am known as Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP.
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WE were looking specifically for a Passat TDL. Lithia VW Reno had a used one and gave us a very fair price on it. Since we have not had a new care in 11 years, we are still learning all the bells and whistles but we love it as much as I expected we would!
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Jan 2013 I trust the guys at Automotion implicitly! Dec 2013. Ok, they missed something. First time in 30 years that I have EVER had to bring a vehicle back. They showed me what had been missed and explained why. Then they made it right. I trust you guys implicitly!! Dec 2012 Awesome as usual! Thank for a truck that stops without shaking! I need to bring ya'all cookies! Oct 2012 Fixed the wiring issue that has eluded everyone who has worked on the ussue. Apparently, it never occurred to _anyone_ that the problem was in the truck wiring, not the horse trailer. Thanks Guys!
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