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Protools can is a very frustrating application, seems the only way to fix quirky problems that come out of nowhere is to trash your pref folders or deinstall and then reinstall.

I was using my midi controller not more than 2 weeks ago, I go to use it yesterday and it's completely unresponsive in Protools.

After rigorous searching I found one user that said he deinstalled and then reinstalled Protools and it work just fine. I did the same and now I'm back in working order.

This is very frustrating that weird/quirky things happen out of the blue.

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I made these yesterday and they were amazing! 

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This is worth sharing - I think what he says speaks volumes unfortunately most will reject it but truth is often hard to hear. It's time for a change so that more blacks in America have better chances and better opportunities.

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Shall we ride?

What do you all think about the rates?
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Hey NYers, this is a pretty cool event coming or way on July! 
This is cool and it may be coming to a city near you! Its the Living Social 5k Dance Party event. Great HIRL, I think I might attend the Citi Field one on July 27th.

Let me know of you are interested!

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My husband and I went on The Ride NYC last night and it was so much fun. A great way to experience NYC, great entertainment, comedy and learning more about NYC's rich history.

I highly recommend you check it out, tickets are a lil steep but well worth it. See if you can find discounted ones and that's even better.

"The Ride" in NYC
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Bet you didn't know this was in the city!

Who would have thunk!?! Isn't this the fashion district.

On 36th between Broadway and 7th Ave
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