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An open letter to David Dinsmore
Dear David, As editor of the Sun, you’re
responsible for Ben Perrin’s ‘exclusive’, 
TROLLS PAY MADDIE LIE COP’S COURT BILL.  Ben wrote: <British trolls are helping pay legal
bills of an ex-cop who said Madeleine McCann's parents were behind her

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Other people's money
Extract from Ocean Club check-in list showing extras accrued by guests. (Source: ) £10,000,000 – Taxpayers’
money spent to date on Operation Grange, the Met Police investigation into the

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Key questions
Private detectives working for Kate and Gerry McCann
reported that the front door of the holiday apartment where Madeleine disappeared
was left unlocked and the key had been left in the apartment, it has emerged. The claim was made in a report prepared in M...

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The gift that keeps on giving
According to the newly-released accounts for Madeleine's Fund for year ending March 2014,  the Fund received another £400,000, 'donated' in connection with Kate McCann's book. The accounts do not give any information regarding the source of this 'donation',...

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Spot the troll
Mirror columnist Carole Malone, appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 On the evening of Saturday 4 October 2014, the Mirror posted
to its website an article by star columnist Carole Malone. It was titled: 'Madeleine McCann internet trolls are devoid of...

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Information wants to be free
... as @winnower1 sensibly pointed out earlier today on twitter. It's hard to disagree with that sentiment when applied to information received as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. Readers will note no difference between the information reco...

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Premature Ejaculation?
At Scotland Yard, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood met with us at the outset, spoke frankly, but made it clear that he and his colleagues could not favour us – or any part of the media community – over any other parties. - A Note on Sources in 'Lookin...

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Looking for Madeleine
Summers is here Looking for Madeleine, the new book from Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan, is released today. 'This book redefines investigative journalism' - asaucesaid

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Gone. But not forgotten. bills itself as ‘The official site to find
Madeleine McCann’. Whether the website achieves its aim before the combined
forces of the Metropolitan Police and the Polícia Judiciária remains to be seen. But it doesn’t
seem capable of looking ...

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Follow the money
Collection box at entrance to Ocean Club Tapas Bar in Praia
da Luz, July 2007, with hand-written note from Kate McCann. So what did happen to the ‘reward money’ donated by News of
the World readers in 2007 and handed to the McCanns’ company in April 2011? O...
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