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Happy #WildWed!

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Check out the Minnesota Zoo's new bongo calves!
Bongo Baby Boom!
We are so excited to announce our Africa! exhibit just received two NEW bongo calves!

Born over the past couple weeks, these new additions are enjoying their time hanging out with the herd, exploring their habitat and getting to know some of the other animals of the exhibit! Get all of the adorable details on our website -

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Bongo Baby Boom
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Another great #sftigercub  photo!

When Baby Tigers Attack

Everything was a target for this young 10 week old Sumatran Tiger cub, whether it was a branch with leaves or her mom's long tail. Running, pouncing, stalking… this little girl was a cute as could be! 

Zoo Photography Tip: Shooting through glass and wire cages is often a challenge. Try to get your lens as close against these barriers as possible and then you can shoot through them. The wires on the cages will not appear if your subject is far enough way. Glass tends to give images a green tint, so try running your image through Color Efex Pro 4, White Neutralizer filter. 

(At the San Francisco Zoo)

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A beautiful shot of the lower lake and our American white pelicans.

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A beautiful Spoonbill at the San Francisco Zoo

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Camille & the Bear

It didn't quite work out the way I had envisioned it but I like this picture nonetheless. Taken during last weekend's photowalk in San Francisco Zoo.

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A great #WildWed!
This #WildWed comes to us from our friends at the Children's Zoo at Celebration Square, "Our kangaroos sure do love their training sessions! Catch a glimpse of them hard at work this summer at a training demonstration!" 

#WildWed is a hashtag on +Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. +Zoo Atlanta is joining other zoos and aquariums to raise awareness and appreciation of animals and nature.

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You Belong in the Zoo!  The San Francisco Zoo!

Bring your kids to this family friendly photowalk!  

We will meet at 10AM at the Panther Sculpture, right past the ticket booth in the entrance area.

Bring your Long Lenses, pack a lunch or enjoy the Zoo Feed!

Welcome to all our new fans!  What's your favorite part of the San Francisco Zoo?

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Just another moment in motherhood for our Sumatran tiger Leanne. Photo by Sandy Huang.

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