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Today, 07/30/15, my husband and myself went into your store in the Walmart at Jasper, GA. I ordered a BMT, footlong, to share with my husband. One of the two ladies whom were behind the counter said that today's special was the BMT, I asked how much, and she said $5.75, so I said I would take that. She immediately rang it up, and the final charge was $10.70? One the price board it said $7.00 for a BMT footlong. I asked her if I got 2 drinks and 2 chips for that price, and she said no, just one. So why did I get charged $10.70? We normally only purchase the sandwich, for $7.00 plus tax. The two ladies were laughing a kidding around with another male, that was in the store, and had to keep telling her what I wanted on my sandwich. What has happened to customer service. Thank you, Janet Morawa
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