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The specs will be terrible but what do you expect from a phone for $100.

It would be surprising if Google didn’t unveil a new Nexus device before the end of the year.

Currently, the Nexus 10 is still out of stock and Google’s Nexus 5 is beginning to show its age. If anything, we hope to see a Nexus 6 in the near future, but Google might be working on a frugal Nexus smartphone as well.

According to Chinese site (viaGforGames), Google may be working with chip maker MediaTek on a budget Nexus device that could be priced as low as $100. This could really shake things up in the mobile market and would be a direct competitor to ex-Google company Motorola and its Moto G smartphone. The Nexus line is already known for its low-priced devices with high-end specifications, but a $100 Nexus device could definitely broaden Google’s mobile market share.

According to Motorola’s Senior VP Rick Osterloh during an MWC 2014 event, “The Moto G has been the most successful, highest-selling smartphone in Motorola’s history.” It’s very possible that Google played an influential role in Motorola’s ability to bring the Moto G to life, and because of this, Google also saw the benefits.

With companies like Amazon and OnePluspushing the limits of budget high-end smartphones, it would make sense for Google to join the party. Google also launched a Google Play Edition of the Moto G, which further proves that a low-priced Nexus device has a place in the world, because essentially, that’s exactly what this rumored MediaTek smartphone would be.

It’s also possible that Google was simply looking into MediaTek to manufacture chips for a new phone, but could end up going with another chip provider in the future.

I believe we’ll see a few more Nexus devices roll out this year including a followup to the Nexus 10, the rumored LG-made Nexus 6, and as of now maybe a budget friendly Nexus device that would be similar to the Moto G in size and specifications.
Now that Motorola has been acquired by Lenovo, it definitely makes sense for Google to follow the Moto G’s success with its own comparable Nexus smartphone.

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Nexus 5 beginning to show its age? LOL WHAT?
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Zooper by Beard is a set of clock and weather widgets. If you buy Zooper Widget Pro, you can apply other people’s awesome work.

Themers known as La Barba and Richard Colónhave put together a killer minimal collection of 12 clock and weather widgets to decorate your home screen. All the clock and weather widgets featured in this post are Zooper by Beard unless otherwise noted.

Zooper by Beard is an $1
add-on to the Zooper Widget Pro purchase. Totally worth the buck in my opinion. Also, I know they’re already at work adding more widgets to the collection
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icons pls?
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Rick Nice

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Rick Nice

Nexus 5  - 
The Zens Wireless Single Charger features a timeless, modest design that seamlessly fits in with any decorating style and is extremely easy to use.

The underlying induction technology ensures foolproof charging every time the phone or other Qi compatible device is placed on the charger. The device can be freely placed and doesn’t have to be locked into position. A flawless performance is ensured, time and again, thanks to the seven inductor coils embedded in the charging pad.

The wireless charger was designed with sustainability in mind. Standby-power is ultra-low and once fully charged, the system automatically shuts down.

*Be sure to check if your mobile device requires a wireless charging door or case. Some devices will not work unless Qi-compatible or utilize the proper battery door or case.


Features induction technologySeven inductor coils embedded in charging padUltra-low standby powerAutomatic shut-down after device is fully chargedCharges one Qi-compatible device.
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I want! Take my monies now. Link please.... 
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I got mine and rooted.

You may recall that we’ve seen quite a few Android 4.4.3 test builds pop up recently. But now, at least according to US third-place carrier Sprint, it will finally begin rolling out some time today–at least for the Google Nexus 5.

The update was first spotted by XDA Forum Member GiantJay, who noticed a new build on Sprint’s support pages. Thus far, we don’t really know much about this new KTU48F KTU84F build, other than its build number and what’s mentioned in Sprint’s online update documentation.

According to Sprint, the changes are as follows:

Enable Sprint Spark band 26 and band 41Misc Android updates

In other words, not very much is known about what this upcoming update and its “Misc Android updates” will bring for users not on Sprint.
We also have yet to see if this is the same build number for 4.4.3 that will roll out to other Nexus devices, or even if they will also receive an update today.

What fixes and/or enhancements do you think will make their way into 4.4.3? Make your way over to the comments section below and theoriginal thread to get in on the discussion and speculation.

The rollout has yet to begin, so obviously there’s no captured OTA to share, but keep checking back here on the XDA Portal because we’ll share the OTAs as soon as they’re available.

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Old news
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Great Deal

Today, Poweradd has another one of their battery packs on sale on Amazon. They are offering their Pilot E3 11,000mAh battery pack for just $25.99. Which is pretty cheap considering the normal price is $89.99.
But hang on there’s more. There is a coupon code that gets you $4 off of the $25.99 price, bringing it down to just $21.99!

But you better hurry before they run out. The coupon code is ZD34Y5B8 just enter that at checkout and you’re all set!

This is a 5-port charger, so you can essentially charge 5 devices all at the same time. Which is pretty cool. It’s also got 11,000mAh of juice inside to keep you going all day long.

It’s a great charger, although Poweradd is a new company, they’ve been selling loads of their chargers this week and getting great reviews.

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+Attila Heidrich 2600-2800mAh per aa aren't bad and you can put a bunch of them together and still keep a small form factor. Nimh give you good amount of current..

But you can also put cheap liion in there. For example from older smartphone models..

What would keep me off of this bank is the low current. Actual smartphones usually draw more than 1a, especially when in use and charging. If it's recognized some models even reduce to usb mode and only charge @ 500mah.

//edit just saw the 2.1a output. That's pretty decent. Haven't seen it first as its the second one..

=>good deal for 5v only application.
Consider previous post non-related
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Rick Nice

Nexus 5  - 

Is Google cooking up a brand newNexus 9 to take on the iPad Air? According to a new report that is indeed the case, with Google getting ready to have its manufacturing partners begin building the new high-definition device this coming July.

Digitimes on Tuesday cited its own research arm in reporting that Google will launch two new Nexus tablets in 2014. In addition to an updated Nexus 7, Google is reportedly prepping a new 8.9-inch Nexus tablet that will feature a Retina-busting screen with better-than-2K resolution.

“Although Google may still release a smaller-size model in 2014, its strategy of skipping most of the sizes in the 8-inch range and going for an 8.9-inch display – a size that [could] be categorized as large-size tablet (9-inch and above) – shows that the Internet giant is starting to shift its focus to large-size tablet applications,” Digitimes Research analyst Jim Hsiao wrote.

According to the report, Google’s 8.9-inch Nexus tablet will likely be among the first devices to run Google’s upcoming new Android 5.0 operating system, which is expected by some to be unveiled during the annual Google I/O developer conference in June.

Hsiao also postulated that the new larger Nexus slate will be priced at or around $299, which might make it an unbeatable deal.

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I'd love a 9-inch nexus tablet!
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Rick Nice

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Is this the house you ASCHILE OCTAVIEN fuck you in? Is it the same house you guys fuck without a condom and he cum inside you and was giggling when his wife called?
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Rick Nice

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[PORT][ALPHA] NexSense | Sense 6.0 | WiFi FIX | M8 Port | Aroma | DEV ONLY

Follow up to an earlier post.

Sense 6.0 ported on the Nexus 5 !
I'm using AOSP for binaries and M8 MaximusHD

This is a ROM who is partially fonctionnal. Make a BACKUP of your current ROM before try this.
Do not ask for ETA, or don't say that's thing is not working ... I know. Flash at your OWN risk - It's only for devs

I did not need testers, stop sending me PMs about that, even this is nice. However I need developers/kernel developers/porters for the project is still progressing.

Please tip this thread, it would be amazing if it's published on XDA Portal !!

TouchscreenRILWifiInternal SDCardVibratorBluetoothSensors (Light/Orientation/Proximity)

SoundNFCSensors (Accelerometer/Gyroscope/Magnetic)GPS (Because of sensors)CameraWi-Fi hotspot (?)Tell me


Download the ROM:
Google Drive
One Drive
androidfilesharing thanks to @androidfilesharing
Elix-R thanks to @Hyperrunner

Dev-Host thanks to @Hyperrunner
Torrent thanks to @AndroidAndroid88Download latest patch (fixs):

Google DriveCopy on your sdcardReboot to recoveryDo nandroid backupWipe ALLFlash NexSense zipFlash NexSense_Path-

GalaxyUser.zipBootEnjoy !!!

If the ROM does not boot after 10 minutes, try to reboot. And then if the rom does not boot again, go to recovery wipe all and flash it again

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No, thanks.
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