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Federação Académica do Porto
FAP - "Por uma Prioridade na Educação..."
FAP - "Por uma Prioridade na Educação..."


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«Student representation has a long tradition in Portugal, but our ways and mean have always been appropriate to the time we lived in, the society we are part of and the future we aim to build.

That's why in History we have seen students elected to the most important positions in the University since centuries ago, or we have seen the students move against the dictatorship in the 20th century, fighting with the soldiers to overthrow the regime and conquest freedom and democracy, or even showing their desagreement with student fees.

In more recent times, students' unions have been a responsible and recognised part in developing the education system and in designing educational policies for the 21st century.

Nationally student representation is organised on institutional-based unions, that informally cooperate daily at peer-to-peer level and at trimestral national venues, where the work done and share data and analysis, concert decisions and adopt future measures of national range. Beyond this national common ground of work, every union is free to adopt its own measures at institutional and regional range, and to endeavour new movements, activities, debates, and, of course, to support and defend their associates issues.

In recent years we have been focused on follow the Bologna Process reform of the Higher Education System, on demanding more participated and transparent quality evaluation of tertiary education courses, on keeping in action and efficiently social services and grants distribution that can promote education among student with less economic resources, task more harder in this economic and financial crisis, both to our country and to families countrywide. Student's unions and student representation has been the first line in fighting against early dropouts, more so when due to economic causes; and we've been the last resource on solving students problems when more solid institutions and officers fail to acknowledge, identify and solve them.

Nowadays student representation has also been changing accordingly to the new times we are living: we are regaining the right and assuming duty to say a word about the society we live in and the changes that we want, we boldly have tried new events and initiatives in areas such as employability, innovation, entrepreneurship, solidarity and economic development, and we have taken the defence of our country future, demanding the necessary reforms.

Bringing up this generation of more informed citizens by ourselves, taking our role in history as the most qualified generation at our age, inheriting the progress that the previous generation have conquered and understanding that the 21st century demands another political attitude, a truly participated policy making, and an individual and collective responsibility of this world, globally an locally, are responsibilities that we must not ignore! 

Student representation in Portugal knows it and has been ready to do it: silently but effectively. That's our role, our part, our duty. And we like doing so.»
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