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URL Change!

We are now on Google+

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Get It All

One of the more interesting new features Google AdWords has rolled out recently is one that's still hovering on the horizon.

Many advertisers would like to try  adding some Display Network advertising to their ad mix. They have a little extra budget and are interested in getting a simple increase in their conversions, whether those are sales or leads.  

Many of these same advertisers looked into the Display network and--found themselves bewildered and confused by the wealth of features and options.  No matter how you looked at it, it was anything but simple.

Demographics, categories, exclusions, managed placements or automatic--what to choose? 

AdWords is about to offer an easier option.  Take your current, successful search campaign. Opt into Google Search with Display Select (hereinafter referred to as Display Select because the full title is far too long to keep typing over and over) and  drop in that extra budget you have.

Voila!  You have the best of both worlds. 

Your Search campaign will be unchanged, but AdWords any time you have excess budget--that is, any time you've run out of higher-converting traffic on the Search network in a day, the Display Select feature will expand your ad serving to include other sites that offer a high probability of producing conversions.

Display network volume will be comparatively small--this isn't the same kind of full-scale advertising initiative that a Display-only campaign can offer, but Google thinks they can offer superb quality traffic.

"You don't serve Search ads and Display ads in the same campaign."  That's been axiomatic for professional marketers. The populations and performance are just too different--there's no good way to optimize performance on both networks with one campaign.

Google, of course, has the advantage of huge datasets, billions of bits (that's a technical term, I'm sure) of data, and a lot of other metrics we're never going to see. What we say can't be done--they say they can do.

I say, it's worth a try. I look forward to experimenting with it.

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Hop, Skip, & Jump

We've been jumping through hoops for the last week, getting caught up with our tasks for the new Google Partners program.

The requirements are stringent in some areas--this isn't a club that just anyone can get into :) but happily we're on the list.

We got a shiny new listing and everything. We'll be adding details to our company profile over the next couple of weeks, but this is a start, right?  
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