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Aakriti Rana
Er. Aakriti Rana :) ;)
Er. Aakriti Rana :) ;)


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How Free Basics works:

Say a user Ganesh (as in the ads) wants to access his SBI website through Reliance's network. So there are 3 entities here: Ganesh, SBI, Reliance: client, website, network.

According to the proposal, for the above transaction to be free, SBI will have to 'submit' their app to Facebook for approval. And after approval, Facebook will get to see all of Ganesh's transactions on the SBI website/app.

Independent of whether something should be free, how to make it low-cost, and so on, an obvious question above is, what is a fourth entity Facebook doing above? Its not the client, its not the website, its not the network. What role does it play? Why does it want to 'approve'? Who is Facebook to approve when it has no role in the transaction? Who is Facebook to see the contents of Ganesh's transaction when it has no role (except this 'approval')?

So Facebook wants to decide what websites/apps are free on Reliance's network for Indian citizens, with no technical role whatsoever in the transaction. And suck the data in-between (for mining? for NSA? who knows what they'll do with it). And they're claiming they're doing it for altruistic reasons.
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