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So many years... and it was the cable
I have an LG E2360 for several years now (2011). I was changing my PC mainboard at that time and I wanted something bigger than the usual. At that moment the HDMI port was a novelty on PCs (or at least here in Ecuador) and I wanted to have it. So I make sur...

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This news is really worring all the world "IBM Researchers Prove It Is Possible To Store Data In a Single Atom". Look at the comments: 

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Hardware: Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse
  Information Part Number :  GX30J34225 Model: M800 Windows Hardware ID: HID\VID_17EF&PID_6078&REV_1920&Col01 Hardware ID: 17EF:6078 Support Site: Lenovo Y Gaming Precision Mouse Buttons: 7 Buttons Special: 4 DPI available that can be change with center but...

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The robots built in China will help take away China's Jobs.
It sounds like history repeating: A company that creates animated movies hired a lot of animators on the US to create their movies. After some years they found out that animators salaries are expensive and that they can outsource it's animators to other cou...

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If you are experiencing a Sony TV with Android 6.0.1 Update that won't turn on with the remote, please visit the Sony forum to make some pressure for software update.

Please post:
1) The Sony TV Model
2) Android version / release.


I noticed that some Android TV Sony has a "Guide" feature where some apps (PlutoTV, Haystack, etc) are able to set some channels. But checking my nexus player there is no function there.

Is there a way to enable that on Nexus Player ? I know that you an know change channels on the Nexus Player like a TV, but maybe there is some way to make it work.


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SMFForum - Delete several post using a Checkbox
Remember this with SMFForum 2.0.x To enable the checkboxes on the forums:   Enable Checkboxes on "Show quick-moderation as.."

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Checking out the Levono Miix 510
So I got my hands on the Levono Miix 510. The first thing that I will like to tell is that feels a lot more "high end" that other Lenovo Miix tablet that I had tried on the past. Information Model Number: 510-12ISK Support Site: Miix 510 Support Site Websit...

Hi. Today I got the 6.01 update to my Android TV Sony TV. (Bravia 2015 - KDL-50W809C) .

For the moment I had seen an interesting change (and maybe confusing) to the channels. Now some apps (Google Play Movies and Pluto TV) can be included on the Channel swapping button.

The volume bar was also update.

Let's see what else can I found. 
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