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Your guide to authors and books
Your guide to authors and books

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Spring Reading > Spring Cleaning ... what are you reading today?

Who doesn't want even more books?! How many have you bought already this year?

Are books always better than TV or movies? I enjoy them all! Who doesn't like a good story ...

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Are you a historical fiction fan? Some titles coming out in April ... FYI. 

Do you pack books with you on vacation, or just the Kindle? Spring Break is coming up!

Equinox today -- vernal or autumnal depending upon where you live. What's on top on your TBR list this Spring (or Fall)?!

Happiness is a new book! Did you buy a book this weekend? What'd you get?

What are your favorite books? Can you single out a top pick?

So, what did you think of the Oscars snafu last night? Reading is fundamental ... oh, I got the wrong envelope!

What are you reading this Presidents' Day?
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