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Tamie DeMasters
How may I be honest with you today?
How may I be honest with you today?

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Okay I'm just gonna throw this out my grandpa used to say, "Closed mouths don't get fed, speak up sis, ask for what you need or want"....

Is there ANYONE out there GIVING away P!nk tickets for L.A. this weekend at Staples Center Sat 10/12/13 or Sun 10/13/13?
I would LOVE to go! I've been a fan since 2000 & would love to see her LIVE! I'll hold my hand on a car for 24 hrs, eat exotic & nasty shit, and I would seriously consider a walk on hot coals or Lego's! (I would so prefer hot coals!)
If you know someone or someplace that is giving away P!nk tickets please hook me up.
I would be forever in your debt & the most grateful bitch on the planet earth!
Thanks y'all,

Tamie D.

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Worth a shot
I could use a new phone...
Look at what we're giving away next!

+1 and SHARE to support the giveaway!

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for my San Antonio Texas G+ peeps ...

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#IfIHadGlass If I get the invite I will give away a brand new Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV to one of my resharers. Random drawing to decide the winner. 

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Hey to all my L.A. area G+'ers!

What happened to YOU was only personal because of YOUR PERSONAL choices. What you are doing to my family IS personal because of YOUR choices, once again.
Life/Karma/God/Allah or whatever you want to call it will take care of YOU, ya heard!

Once you go black...

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If you are someone you know lost power and your food has gone bad FEMA is issuing $200.00 checks for food. The number is 800-621-3362. Please re-post, text, e-mail, or call. somebody maybe be hungry and in need of food. PAY IT FORWARD!
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