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Jason Haines
Golf course superintendent and member of the Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue.
Golf course superintendent and member of the Sunshine Coast Search and Rescue.

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Dollar Spot IPM
Ok, so this is going to be a long one, but if you struggle with dollar spot and want to maybe reduce its impact on your grass and budget I promise it will be worth your time. Last week while at the 2017 Golf Industry Show I was a presenter at a panel discus...

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GIS Job Board Presentation
Today I did a presentation on Job Boards on the trade show floor at GIS. While there are many good paid versions, the free home-made versions can offer a lot of features that even the paid versions can't. Even if you still feel like the paid versions are be...

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How reduced fertilizer has benefited my golf course.
Today I was honored to be a part of the EIFG panel discussion at the Golf Industry Show. My presentation was about how reduced fertilizer has benefited my golf course as I have implemented the MLSN soil guidelines and used the growth potential formula. Obvi...

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I'm a speaker at #GIS17
That's right, I will be attending this year's Golf Industry Show in Orlando Florida and will be doing a number of talks . I hope to meet up and talk with everyone I have met over the years on social media and am really looking forward to this event. I will ...

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2016 almost no wetting agents on greens
Does needle tine aeration make  wetting agents redundant? In 2015 I survived the record drought with only dispatch as a wetting agent on my putting greens. I had changed the timing of my irrigation on greens with much success. I wrote about some changes I m...

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2017 pesticide usage summary
We have never spent less controlling pests on our golf course as we did in 2017. With a lot of hard work, determination, and luck with the weather and predicting the future , I was able to continue the downward trend of pesticide use on the golf course for ...

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How rolling can help fight climate change
OK that title is a bit much but bare with me. It's no secret I'm a fan of rolling. It has a ton of benefits from faster and smoother greens to disease suppression. Ever since I got my first roller back in 2010 we have been rolling daily and cutting every ot...

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Spot Spraying and counting disease.
Spot spraying has been a big part of my IPM program for the last few years. I hypothesized that winter diseases like fusarium on the coast aren't really that bad, we just make them worse by spreading them around . In order to capitalize on this theory I hav...

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Visualizing how the growth potential model changed the way I fertilize my golf course
In my last post I outlined how the amounts of fertilizer applied to my golf course has changed over the years due to adopting the MLSN guidelines. In this post I will show some cool animated charts that show how the way I fertilize has changed as I adopted ...

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Fertilizer use over the years
In my last disease update I looked in depth at my nitrogen use on a month by month basis to analyze what I was doing to see if it was the cause of my disease issues. During this process I decided to compile all my fertilizer data going back until 2008. Sadl...
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