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Creating stronger communities
Creating stronger communities

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#GivingTuesday is a day for everyone, everywhere, to GIVE! Find out how you can be part of the movement at

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Help us set up a health fund for formerly incarcerated women! Visit to make a donation.

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Alabama FPC 2015
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UpTeens share words of Wisdom 

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Mark your calendars for August 22 at the Dumas Wesley Community Center in Mobile.

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Looking forward to hearing the panel discussion at the Alabama Families of Prisoners Conference! Formerly incarcerated men and women will share their stories of successful reentry. Visit to register for the conference in Mobile on August 22.

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“I am”
By: Racheal Lu
I am alive and living, but a breath of a whisper cried off by the winds.
I am the space between us two where confusion whirls and whips our cheeks. I am word defined by those whom I’ve embraced; left cold or warm by tempers kindled by the day.
I am the remnant of a life lived long ago
Still lacing up these same old boots
Too small for growing feet
I am the hobo traveler with the beast burdens on my back, thumbs up on towards the highway a free ride to anywhere but here.
I am the cheers to new beginnings and the dead stops that brought me here. I am the fire of I told you so’s echoing from my mother’s door string in her loving eyes and the feet that brought me home.

For more poetry from Tutwiler Prison, visit

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Mark your calendars for September 21! Help Healthy You start a health fund for women.
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