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What I took away from the David Marr/Jim Wallace debate on whether gays should be allowed to teach in Christian schools.
This morning, as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, I saw Sydney Morning Herald senior writer David Marr up against the Australian Christian Lobby's
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Quite a few people I know who are Christians question whether ACL can truly claim to represent mainstream Christianity. They argue there are many other Christians who would represent quite a different, more tolerant, more mainstream perspective.
That was raised at the debate. One audience member said "None of my Christian friends say that you represent their views". Jim Wallace waved it away saying that most people who say that don't go to church regularly and therefore aren't "real Christians".

Which is amusing because he seems happy to count them in his stats when he's talking about how big the Christian community is.
It's a critique a number of friends raise in relation to discussion shows like Q&A and in media commentary about issues like Mardi Gras and Gay Marriage. Is Fred Nile still a relevant commentator?
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