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Ta-Da blogland, I'm finally pulling myself out of the mess and creating stuff that really means something to me. Emojis - THEY'RE ESSENTIAL FO LYFE because once emojis saved me. So Today, I'm using my MOST favorite emoji (...
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DIY - Emoji T-Shirt

Ta-Da blogland, I'm finally pulling myself out of the mess and creating stuff that really means something to me. Emojis - THEY'RE ESSENTIAL

Pages from my he[art]

Here's a shiny handmade notebook cover that has eventually turned into something I'll keep my artwork in. More like a scrapbook. Things I wa

Last Night I Was A Loser - A Zine

This "last night" happened on 9th May, almost midnight when I was losing my shit. Bad thoughts are monsters that eat your positive vibes and

Useless Updates #2

And you're welcome to 2nd Useless Updates. Monday - It's the time of the week when my head doesn't get around much sensitive ideas to blog a

Every frigging thing changes + LINK UP NEWSSS

It's Monday and I'm supposed to be worrying about college and homework and wild weather outside, it's windy and and I think it's more of a b

Facebook & Life Lessons

There's this winter coming back in city and I am back in my jacket and heavy-cute socks that makes me feel like holidays again (Let's just n

2015 and the life + A link up

My first ever DIY calender As I am typing my first post of 2015, it feels giddy & exciting. It's a link up too, so I can't wait to read all

Spam emails VS my thoughts

Whenever I check my spam emails folder, the emails give me slightly panic attacks in my heard. I don't get the brilliant idea of spam emails

Winter Shenanigans

Before I start this post, I'd like to say that this post is about my winter and I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies and sunshine but mos

A new member of my gadgets-family

I remember the time when I was a kid and music pods were big-kids-luxury while I'd just sit there with my nitendo gameboy and stare at my sc

Cameras are the most beautiful thing

Warning: This post includes beautiful pictures of historical places that aren't even mine but I had to post them and I am going to explain i

Someday I will

I will be tweeting stuff that would be meaningful. Because I have terrible tweeting skills. I will be sitting in a red bus in London, drinki

Two Days Of Being Starstruck

On a very peaceful, normal and busy Wednesday , I entered my college building and walked over to my faculty. On my way, the huge view of col

Creating my wonderland

Listening to Katie Herzig's Lost & Found feels magical, so does writing poems and this blog. When I pick up a pen and a paper, things change

I'm having a worse day than you

I am having a 4 days vacation time which I had no idea was coming. So, I am considering this as a nature's gift to me because I needed hours

Advice With Areeba: The art of freaking out

Advice With Areeba was born a while ago when I was told my advices that sounds completely not-gonna-work stuff but they eventually end up he

Areeba and the wolves

I once read that fandoms are treat yourself and I've been following this treatment religiously. Well yes this works. You have something to d

A happy yummy eid

We're donee with Bakra Eid now. For those who have absolutely no clue what is it, it's the second Eid of the Muslim year. It's basically the

What to do on a rainy day

Mr. Bad weather is cheating on me. It's been three days that we're having pleasant windy days with dark clouds and still no drop of rain. Is

I'm lost & found

March 2014, I completed my high school. It was our last day when I was thinking that today will be heavily clouded, raining with storm becau