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Ta-Da blogland, I'm finally pulling myself out of the mess and creating stuff that really means something to me. Emojis - THEY'RE ESSENTIAL FO LYFE because once emojis saved me. So Today, I'm using my MOST favorite emoji (...
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Amarbail - A zine about the person I can never hate

For those who have no idea what Amarbail is, it's a novel who turned my emotions upside down and tore me down into 7 million pieces at the l

For the first time in life I didn't care for a single thing

I'm soon to be turned 18 yet my 17 years old self felt like 37 sometimes. Too young to be this old, right? Well the problem is, I took my li

Lady Gaga Inspired Look

Well, I never knew this post was going to be real. Lady Gaga. The woman who screws the fashion standards of dressing up and actually wears W

DIY - Emoji T-Shirt

Ta-Da blogland, I'm finally pulling myself out of the mess and creating stuff that really means something to me. Emojis - THEY'RE ESSENTIAL

Pages from my he[art]

Here's a shiny handmade notebook cover that has eventually turned into something I'll keep my artwork in. More like a scrapbook. Things I wa

Last Night I Was A Loser - A Zine

This "last night" happened on 9th May, almost midnight when I was losing my shit. Bad thoughts are monsters that eat your positive vibes and

Useless Updates #2

And you're welcome to 2nd Useless Updates. Monday - It's the time of the week when my head doesn't get around much sensitive ideas to blog a

Every frigging thing changes + LINK UP NEWSSS

It's Monday and I'm supposed to be worrying about college and homework and wild weather outside, it's windy and and I think it's more of a b

Facebook & Life Lessons

There's this winter coming back in city and I am back in my jacket and heavy-cute socks that makes me feel like holidays again (Let's just n

2015 and the life + A link up

My first ever DIY calender As I am typing my first post of 2015, it feels giddy & exciting. It's a link up too, so I can't wait to read all

Spam emails VS my thoughts

Whenever I check my spam emails folder, the emails give me slightly panic attacks in my heard. I don't get the brilliant idea of spam emails

Winter Shenanigans

Before I start this post, I'd like to say that this post is about my winter and I-tried-to-look-good-but-failed selfies and sunshine but mos

A new member of my gadgets-family

I remember the time when I was a kid and music pods were big-kids-luxury while I'd just sit there with my nitendo gameboy and stare at my sc

Cameras are the most beautiful thing

Warning: This post includes beautiful pictures of historical places that aren't even mine but I had to post them and I am going to explain i

Someday I will

I will be tweeting stuff that would be meaningful. Because I have terrible tweeting skills. I will be sitting in a red bus in London, drinki

Two Days Of Being Starstruck

On a very peaceful, normal and busy Wednesday , I entered my college building and walked over to my faculty. On my way, the huge view of col

Creating my wonderland

Listening to Katie Herzig's Lost & Found feels magical, so does writing poems and this blog. When I pick up a pen and a paper, things change

I'm having a worse day than you

I am having a 4 days vacation time which I had no idea was coming. So, I am considering this as a nature's gift to me because I needed hours

Advice With Areeba: The art of freaking out

Advice With Areeba was born a while ago when I was told my advices that sounds completely not-gonna-work stuff but they eventually end up he

Areeba and the wolves

I once read that fandoms are treat yourself and I've been following this treatment religiously. Well yes this works. You have something to d