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Maori Tattoo Designs - Discover New Ideas For Your Next Maori Tribal Tattoos
  Maori tattoo designs are highly popular although it is probably more accurate not to call them Maori tribal tattoos but Maori-inspired tattoos instead. This is because true, genuine tattoos of this type are only given within the original communities from ...

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Women Will Scream at Your New Angel Tattoo Design If You Get These Few Things Wrong With Your Design
  Any tattoo for that matter must be personally unique to make the
person proud of the mark he chose to forever engrave in his skin. Angel
design tattoos are about the heavenly beings sent to protect and bless
people. As we continually think that our dea...

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New Era For Body Art And Tattoo Designs
  TV programs like LA Ink and Miami Ink have helped change the "stigma" about getting tattoos. Tattoo designs have moved along with progress and is now quite technical, you can use software programs to help with choosing your body art and there are thousand...

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Old and New Tribal Tattoo Designs
  Contrary to popular belief, Tribal Designs for Tattoos have been around for a very long time. A popular choice is the Tribal Design with Meaning, which would have a connection to some aspect of your life. There are also those that choose that design only ...

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Unique and Fresh New Tattoo Art - My Quest to Find My First Design
  The popularity of tattoos is exploding; everywhere I go I see tattoo art on somebody. I've wanted one for a long time and yet I want my first to be a unique and original tattoo design. I want the perfect first tattoo after all it may be the only one I eve...

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Choosing a Tattoo Design - Choosing the Right Design For Your New Tattoo
  You're thinking your appearance needs some spicing up, and that you wouldn't mind adding a little color to a secret place. But you also know that, if you're going to invest your money in a permanent bit of body décor, you need to put some thought into its...

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Chinese Dragon Tattoo - 3 Cool Designs For Your New Tattoo
  A Chinese dragon tattoo is a popular choice for many and this is not surprising when you consider the designs available based on this mythological creature. Here are 3 types of Chinese dragon tattoo design that you might want to consider for your next tat...

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Choosing New Tattoo Designs - Getting it Right the First Time
  If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, whether for the first time or whether for the hundredth you'll be very conscious of the message that you intend it to convey. Usually, of course, if a tattoo is a singleton (that is, not surrounded by a collectio...

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Tips on Choosing a New Tattoo Design
  When searching for a new tattoo design the possibilities are almost endless. No matter what your specific taste may be with regard to tattoos, there is certain to be the perfect design out there in which you can select for your next piece of body art. If ...

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New Tattoo Designs - How to Get That Original Design
  Do you ever see someone's tattoo and think to yourself, "why didn't they get something original?" Too often I hear people saying that they got their idea for their tattoo off some album cover or got it off the wall at the tattoo shop. If you are really lo...
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