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Stéphane Tremblay
Bonjour! Hello! ¡Buenos días! Buongiorno! こんにちは!
Bonjour! Hello! ¡Buenos días! Buongiorno! こんにちは!
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Soon! In Three days! Marseille, Corsica, Barcelona and Montpellier, here we come!


I think the most crucial feature G+ needs is the ability to modify the circles or friends of a post that has already been submitted.

I can't count the number of times I've had to delete a post that already had +1s and comments and repost it anew just because I later realized I had shared this post publicly.

If you modify the audience of a post and some users aren't part of that audience, their comments could be hidden and disabled until you change it back to the original audience.

This might be very complicated to develop, but man would that be practical and appreciated!

So now, apparently when you comment on a video on Youtube, your comments show up publicly on your G+ profile.

I don't like that.

To me, Youtube and G+ are two separate online services. When I post something on one I don't necessarily want it posted on the other. Having this feature pollutes my G+ stream with irrelevant stuff.

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Oh man, I to tally forgot about this community! I've been paying more attention to my G+ account since Google made the upgrade. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I made a delicious simple couscous salad last week. Here's the recipe on my blog!

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