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Angela R. Sasser
Author, Fantasy Artist, Mask Maker, Creative Writer
Author, Fantasy Artist, Mask Maker, Creative Writer

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#DaysOfChristmasArt In 2009, I created "December's Window", which was somewhat of a departure from the portrait paintings I had been doing up until this point. I wanted to focus on the cold darkness of Winter and the portal of warmth and hope that the window represents. The pervasive presence and mythological roots of winter in our lives continue to inform our culture, even with the advent of modern conveniences.

This painting was also an excuse for me to indulge in the intricate and meditative process of Celtic knotwork and stained glass design. Cardinals are also a constant shock of color and a familiar avian friend here in Georgia where I live. Rain, shine, or snow, I can always spot them chirping away in the twilight.

This painting was created in ink and watercolor and the original has since been sold. Cards and prints for this painting, however, are currently up in my shop. Get them before they return back into the vault on Dec 31st!

My shop -

#christmasart #yule #cardinal #mandala #stainedglass #winterart #SpiritsOfWinter

REMINDER! I'm more active on Facebook, if you want to add me there. The only thing I actively update on G+ are my Pages:

For Art - +The Art of Angela R. Sasser 
For Crafts - +Angelic Artisan - The Artisan Crafts of Angela R. Sasser 
For Book Reviews/Art Marketing Tips - +Themuseslibraryblogspot

REMINDER! Please follow my business Pages here on G+ if you want updates from me. This account here is now officially just a placeholder!

My Illustration Page:
+Angelic Shades - The Art of Angela R. Sasser 

My Artisan Crafts Page:
+Angelic Artisan - The Artisan Crafts of Angela R. Sasser 

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!  I will no longer be updating this account!

Instead, please follow my Business Page here on Google+ for updates about my art and business:

For my Illustration - +Angelic Shades - The Art of Angela R. Sasser 

For my Artisan Crafts - +Angelic Artisan - The Artisan Crafts of Angela R. Sasser 

This account will probably stay around for me to use to Hangout with folks, participate in Groups, and to act as the Owner for this business, but it will probably gather dust, otherwise.

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Why yes, those Elf ears are real. <_<

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Tutorial Tuesdays! Enjoy this narrated time lapse of my mini painting of Persephone.

My Patreon Patrons get to see these videos a week before everyone else, so be sure to pitch in there for extra perks! Every little bit helps.

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[blog] Who Do I Want to Be? Maturing as an Artist

I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately talking with artist friends.  We've known each other for years.  Many of us know each other from way back in our college days when we'd hang out in the Student Center with piles of books and art supplies and ...

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Stuck in The Creative Gap
DragonCon jury time is upon us and it's around this time of year where I have that yearly freak out about whether I have enough new stuff, why I'm not producing more, the paralyzing fear of rejection and inevitable downfall into self-loathing, etc.  I want ...

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New Patreon Intro Videos
This week I was finally able to complete swanky intro videos made for both of my  Patreon  pages! You guys should check them out and tell me what you think. You'll get to learn much of the following: - The specific artist who made me want to be an illustrat...

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