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A Geek a Gamer And VR Crazy!

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Enthusiast level VR laptop with MSI’s GT73VR 7RE TITAN SLI
First look at MSI’s GT73VR 7RE TITAN SLI

When MSI told me they had a new VR Laptop for me to look at, that was boasting the new Kaby Lake i7 7820HK, I was expecting the new GE62VR 7RF. After our look at the GE62VR 6RF I was excited to see what Intel’s latest i7 could do to improve the VR Laptop experience with the HTC Vive. But the box that showed up on my doorstep was bigger, a lot bigger! It was the GT73VR 7RE TITAN SLI, one of MSI’s top of the line desktop replacement VR laptop. Let’s have a look at it:

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Live the Dream in King Kaiju VR! Be the Monster! Smash your way through a completely destructible virtual reality city. A simple and silly sandbox game for your inner Kaiju. by Fire Hose Games.
King Kaiju VR is a simple Unity game that is a blast for the family the kids will love smashing and the adults will get a blast watching them smash! For me a 45-year-old I did have some giggles and I did get my $5 worth of entertainment but the bonus of this game is watching others play it’s the funniest thing I have seen my kids do in a long time. Check out our Video now!

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VR are a good price? Check out out GE62VR review.

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Check out our Latest Video! 

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If you have a VR headset get it on and watch this video! It’s a must see experience for all Star Wars fans! I got goosebumps watching this in my HTC Vive.. I have my tickets for the 12:05am screening and this video just the icing on the cake!

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When I first watched the trailer for Island 359 I was excited, the idea of hunting dinosaurs from my own home in VR gave me a big smale then I thought about it and started to worry if my AMD RX-480 was up to it. So I lashed out and got it worst case would be that I would have to run it on low setting right?

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Time Inc.’s Life VR, HTC VIVE, and AMD present a gripping virtual reality experience commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

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With over 30 titles in my VR collection so far I have found for the most part my Budget PC VR experience has been positive, but I have had times like with Serious Sam VR that I wanted a faster card in my system. There is no doubt that the MSI RX-480 is a capable VR GPU but as developers start to push high quality games out you may find yourself longing for more out of your GPU. If you have an RX-480 and you have been thinking about getting the HTC Vive, just do it! You will get to play lots of great games and have lots of amazing experiences in VR with the MSI RX-480. If you are on a budget the MSI RX-480 is a reasonable option. It’s real bang for your buck. This is just the start of our Budget PC tests. We will be adding more titles every week. In the end I’m glad I got my HTC Vive when I did and I have had many hours in the VR world with a big fat smile on my face.

The VR market is still very new and we will see leaps and bounds in coming months and years. Lots of the games and software out now are early access, in other words beta or even alpha, and developers are still working out optimizations. At this stage in the game I would not be running out and spending top dollar on the top of the line GPUs which are already 7 months old as we will soon see new spins on GPUs and you will be able to pick up your prize GPU at a discounted price, or you might find somthing new just around the corner like say a 10GB GTX 1080 ti GPU. If budget is your thing like me you will start to find amazing prices on the RX-480 as we get close to the release of the RX-490. This cycle is a game I have watched and played for 20+ years and it all started with the 3dfx Voodoo rush in 1997. If you want to go top end do so in the first 3 months of a GPU coming out. With budget GPUs, look to buy them within the first 6 months after release but always look for a bargain – wait for the sales to save some real bucks. But as soon as the next gen news start to leak it’s time to sit back and bide your time. The last thing you want is to have your shiny new GPU out of date just 2 months after you got it.

Overall the MSI RX-480 is an amazing VR graphics card for its price. It has provided me so many hours of brilliant VR experiences. For a Budget PC for VR use the MSI RX-480 gets five out of five stars. +HTC VIVE +MSI

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Video Benchmark I’m an old fan of Croteam’s Serious Sam and this is one game I wish played better with the RX-480 but to play it I have to drop the settings back so it looks like it’s running on a Voodoo 3 just to play it. Yes, I love the fact that you have the option to crank it right down but feel I am missing out on a lot of what the game has to offer due to my card’s performance. Keep in mind this is a Early Access Game and it may improve in time. +HTC VIVE

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Video Benchmark Google has given us a new spin on Google Earth with Google Earth VR. Just like the desktop app you can explore the world but now you get to fly around the earth or walk through cities as a giant or just as a standard size guy. The 3D cities make you feel like you are there but you have to put up with poor quality scans of trees and cars that you get on the desktop app. I spent an hour or two getting the feel of this VR experience and enjoyed it thoroughly. Walking over your own home is a blast and going to brilliant places like New York City and walking around the town or acting like Godzilla trying to stomp on buildings must have made me look like a little kid going nuts. It’s mind provoking and surreal and on a Budget PC runs perfectly fine. You do see the card entering into reprojection but only when loading a new scene so the software may mistake the change in scene as a drop in frame. +HTC VIVE
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