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Not only were they dismissive of my daughter's problems with sleep, they were insulting to us as parents. Unprofessional and arrogant through and through. After a few months of their abuse we switched pediatricians and quickly had a diagnosis and treatment for reflux, which helped tremendously with the sleep issues she'd been having. Tribeca just kept telling us to let her "cry it out". This is borderline malpractice. Stay away if you value your child's health.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Fantastic food, great atmosphere, and wonderful service. And that the have gluten free options is a nice bonus. Plus, for the quality, the prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended.
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reviewed 4 months ago
Amazing breakfast with an amazing view. Any time I'm in Seattle I make sure to get a meal at Lowell's.
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I've given them two chances. NEVER again. Both times I've waited an hour in line to get to the rental counter. I asked if this was the norm and the agent said plainly, "Oh yes." Then, on the ride to the terminal to catch my flight back, the driver dropped my bag off with the wrong people at the wrong terminal. I was at the back of the crowded shuttle so I couldn't see. When I realized it and let him know in somewhat of a panic, he shouted, "Not my fault, not my fault!" at me in broken English. He did it to someone else on the shuttle, too, but they were at the front so they were able to catch it. Thankful, airport police had my bag, but the driver was completely unapologetic. It is NOT worth the cheaper rental rate. They are horrible.
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Amazing food and great service. Can't wait to eat there again.
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reviewed 4 months ago
The guys at Superior are the best. They are honest and adhere strictly to "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It". They are very exacting when they explain to you what the problem is and when you report a problem to them they will not work on it unless they observe it themselves and can accurately diagnose it. While they aren't the cheapest around, they aren't the most expensive either. The quality of work they do is worth every penny. They gave me an estimate for a wheel bearing replacement but, when it took several hours longer, they gave me a big discount on the bill since they had told me it would be less. Best of all, I was on a trip in Virginia when my service engine light came on with bad misfires. I called them in NY to get their input before having a local mechanic in Virginia touch my car. They even checked everything out when I got back at no charge. These guys are the best!
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They GOUGE you for pick-your-own. We did the math and realized we paid 60% more for the blueberries that we picked than if we had just bought them in the store. We complained noting that we'd done all the work and they responding saying that we were paying extra "for the experience". What a ripoff. We do pick-your-own every year and most places DISCOUNT it, not mark it up. And they even charge by different rates so it's not easy to realized how much more expensive the PYO is. Don't bother going here unless you want to be ripped off.
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