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Bukchang Concentration Camp
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South Pyongan North Korea
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GarlicFury's profile photo
a month ago
Its simply amazing, beats the south American yoga getaway by miles! The best part is that you get really to workout there and they let the dogs out on you and that really gets the blood flowing! Food is 10/10 and the staff are simply brilliant! You cant understand a word theyre saying but when they get the guns out? Phew! PEW PEW PEW! Lose a member? Get a better seat on the flight back!
Matthew Mangus's profile photo
Matthew Mangus
5 months ago
This is the greatest work for all you beautiful people. I invested a lot of time and your money into this. I would like to thank Joseph Stalin and the academy. I realize that I may have mad 1 or 2 mistakes since the last election, but the employment rate guys, has been unreal!!!!!! Just remember to vote for me again in the next election. OH WAIT THERE iS NoNe. SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Battle for Something Official's profile photo
Battle for Something Official
6 months ago
I was a 600 pound monster.. but not after I left North Korea! The camp counselors whipped me and made me run around, and move dead bodies. The lack of food was great too! 10/10 would visit again
Areopagitica John Milton's profile photo
Areopagitica John Milton
a month ago
I was expecting to receive same service as in Gulag or Guantanamo but these guys allowed me to get out alive. What a disappointment.
notjustanoutherkevin brown's profile photo
notjustanoutherkevin brown
3 months ago
It was so fun you guys should go the food is awsome. the only thing is the staff is not as kind as you would want them to be and ps i lost 25 pounds Cant wait to go back!
tenzin lhawang's profile photo
tenzin lhawang
2 months ago
Hey Yo North Korea Leader king the movie interview was great and by the way were are you we could have brunch the food over there is bad so if you could come to the United States we could talk and why did you dunk on the movie interview you could have became an NBA Player.Okay I got to go and one more question do you know any words that the Chinese Google will block let me know thx bye!!
Nasty Blowout
7 months ago
It's caring weight loss centers like these that work. I was overweight since the age of eleven when I start to snack non-stop and eventually swell into the 400 pound balloon I became fifteen years later. One day I got into my car to drive home from work and my distended belly touched the steering wheel in front of me. I knew something had to be done but I could never quit snacking. It wasn't until Bukchang that things finally changed. The workouts were hard and grueling, the diets were strict, and the education was rich. I remember in winter I was assigned a disposal job of some kind that had to be done every morning. I would have to take a big bag. A big, stinky bag and carry it up a hill and place it in a massive oven. It must have weighed some 100 pounds and was quite long. This was tiring but the satisfaction for completing the task was immense. They even forced you how to diet! We only got half a handful of mushed corn every day but sometimes they would skip. I got so hungry at one point I sneaked off from labor to go into the cattle pens. This is where I dug through their dung with my bare hands just to find kernels of corn. After finding about five poo-smothered kernels, I sat down to enjoy my feast when suddenly a guard came over to sentence me to more hard labor for what I had done but not before slapping the kernels out of my hand. The education was especially rich. We learned about how the only people who give a damn about us is ourselves. They called this "juchy" or something. We also learned about a man who was dear and great. He had very white teeth and a loving stare. The guards told us about how he invented the hamburger and how he is a military general. Strangely though they didn't mention any battle where he has served and commanded. I still don't know what all this had to do with our fitness but it was there. All in all, this is a fantastic program. I've become so thin I can finally see my bottom three rows of ribs! I now weigh 148 and and can physically work without feeling pain since my nerves have been deadened. Solid 5/5.
• • •
George Williums's profile photo
George Williums
9 months ago
To be entirely honest, it was not the wurst plase ive ever ben 2. its fne cuz thers wurms n fls n stff 2 doo n tngs 2 se n fn 2 hve w/ frnds.