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cuz I need a new phone and +Patrick Tu is a cool kid

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So they ran out of boba, but gave me coffee jelly. I can live with that :3

Someone ask Mr. Huang for me if he's a Lakers fan (since Jeremy Lin's on the Lakers) :3
oh and if he is, tell him that I (Brendan) welcome him to Lakers Nation :D

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+Samantha Lee So I'm kinda late on this, but I present you with: 

(Asia Bakery Cafe)

+Samantha Lee Woahhhhhh it's a long time since I've been here
Boba pictures to come..... soon? lol I'll see

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Today will be my last day with internet. After that, I'm off to CTY for 3 weeks (so no internet). Monday will be my last day at Longfellow. Anyway, serious time:
It's been the best 2 years by far as a student in Longfellow, and I MUST thank you guys so much for the ups and downs, laughs, and the love, and for an epic two years. It'll be bittersweet to leave, but, again, it's been such an experience over the last two years that I cannot regret. Best of luck in the future :)
Bubble tea FO LYFE

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+chaemin jang +joshua kim Had to upload it for the memories. :P
It was fun working with y'all!
I'll miss you guys

Today's HW?

For Question 3, are we allowed to legitimately graph out the points?
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