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Me: Cameryn you need to be nice to your sister. Santa is watching you and it makes him sad when you are mean to Maddy

Cam: Mommy... Just tell Santa not to watch me for a little while. If he doesn't watch me, then he won't be sad!"
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Me: Cameryn come here

Cam:  Ok mommy just a minute

(a minute later)

Me:  Cameryn come here please

Cam:  Mommy!  Im doing something!  You need to learn to be patient!
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Me: Cam we have to leave in 5 min to pick up Gaga at the airport

Cam: What's an airport?

Me: When you fly on an airplane, you land at the airport

Cam: Do you go to the airport when you go to Disneyland?

Me:  Ya, you can take an airplane to Disneyland

5 minutes later...

Cam: Bye Daddy, me and mommy are going to Disneyland!

Me: Cam we aren't going to Disneyland, we are going to pick up Gaga....

(And the tears begin...)

Cam: You said we were going to Disneyland!!!!!
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Cameryn was watching a movie in our bed last night so I went in to check on her and saw a wet spot on the bed...

Me: Cam, what is that? Is that pee pee? Did u have an accident?

Cam: No... Don't worry mommy it's not pee pee... Well it's a little bit of pee
pee, but mostly its just sweat from my butt"
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Cameryn coloring a picture with 5 people...

Cameryn: Thats daddy, mommy, me and Maddy

Willie:  Who's that other person?

Cameryn: Oh that's Daddy's girlfriend.
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