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LEATHERMAN who knows how to be a DADDY!

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Wil Conley commented on a video on YouTube.
- Having to take large doses of pain medications to keep from screaming in pain from the real "suffering" I go through.....
1. Extreme lower body nerve damage
2. Sciatic nerve pain when walking
3. 3 Herniated discs that can't be fixed
4. 1 Floating facet bone
5. 5 Damaged facet nerves caused by 8 different surgeries
6. Narcolepsy that requires a service dog everywhere you go
7. Learning to give the pain to Jesus and His Passion on the cross for others.

Now this is "my daily cross" this is what I call "suffering" and I face this each and everyday since September 1994.

So maybe the next time you call not liking a priest, or your fellow brothers & sisters in Christ that bother you or the structure of the Mass, etc. ""suffering"" you might want to think of what some people really go through each day and compare your suffering to them or even what I go through.

I rarely talk about the "cross" I pick up (unless asked) daily to follow the Lord, to reach out and help others, to help my parish and her children all the while going through a great deal of pain.

I think more of us need to show up at the Mass so that others might see what suffering is and praise the Lord for the wealth of health they have. That we might give them a true definition of suffering.

Dr. William Conley Th.D., Ph.D.
The Social Theologian & Catholic Apologist

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Wil Conley commented on a video on YouTube.
I find this video blurry and the instructions not as good as others - use care because if you happen to administer too close to the nerve it WILL cause painful problems for a long period of time.

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Wil Conley commented on a video on YouTube.
I was a successful Calvary Chapel/Assemblies of God Biblical theologian (Th.D.) and Pastor who through the grace of God and the support of our Church Father's converted to Catholicism in 1989.
My experience in sociology has taught me that most people are LAZY when it comes to knowing the TRUTH about their faith and about the God that loves them. Most people are like sheep wanting to be lead- many times what they claim as "truth" is nothing more then repeating what their pastor's tell them WITHOUT researching and finding out the Truth for themselves.
I strongly encourage every CATHOLIC (and everyone for that matter) to go through their local parish R.C.I.A. process PERIODICALLY to refresh their faith and knowledge of what the CHURCH really teaches.
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