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Roland Haslinger
Music Fan, Demoscene Follower, Sci Fi Lover, i enjoy being relaxed
Music Fan, Demoscene Follower, Sci Fi Lover, i enjoy being relaxed


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Oh yeah... so much NOT true at all!

"Political correctness has done so much good"

Welcome Mozilla to the anti free-speech side, not that it is surprising that Mozilla hangs out there since quite some time already.

What to expect from a totally commercialized pseudo Open Source developer who sells their unique customization set and power users for being Chrome users attractive only.

Same like Opera (while not Open Source - still so very much related) - just 2 sell-outs on the way of self-deprecation who are submitting to a here not mentioned but well-known certain organization!

Utterly disgusting!
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First is first.. I do NOT support left or right political parties. And i also do NOT support radical left or right ideologies!

Although I am from Austria and I am not voting for any political party because no party is eligible for me (If i would live in Germany I would also not vote for the AFD for the same reasons why I find other parties not selectable) - but what they do is also called discrimination.

In earlier times it was called... Do not buy from certain people! And those guys do practically the same thing ... except that it means the following: Do not do business with the AFD!

Really adult and SO democratic.

They basically discriminating the right of that guy as a human being. What they do is not just discrimination but also, to some extent, racism. If that's democracy, then good night people!

What a hypocrisy: Treating others exactly the same way of acusing the other side in doing so. What a joke!

Do not make this mistake - just because the radical left is seen as good these days does not mean they can't be fascist too. Oh, this irony :D

The point is, no matter what you think about political groups like AFD or the FPÖ - as long as they are not violating law and order and as long as they are not officially called criminal organizations you HAVE to accept that they are around and you have no right to discriminate them even if you want to do so. Because if you do so with something completely legal - you are entering the same realm you should actually wanting to avoid in the first place!

Also it would be insane to call everyone a bigot who is not fully supporting gender studies, illegal migration or the concept that borders are disgusting.

But as soon as you mention something like that or that you believe that Israel has a right to exist - there is a big number of people today around which instantly get mad, call you out that you invade their safe space and so on. Pure madness....

Or just try to argue to one of that guys that you actually prefer to hang more around with jews, Atheists or Christians as compared to others. The worst crime one can do today!
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Brilliant album from FearofDark :)
Over the weekend Fearofdark published his fourth full length release, 'Exit Plan', via Ubiktune. The fact that he's riding a dragon on the album cover is properly representative of the level of audio MAGIC that's in store for your ears. Blow your mind to smithereens via the link below.


P.S. Taking a break from album shares for a week-ish for travel. See y'all again sometime next week!
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Hey, been a while :D

Following announcement is perhaps of interest for tracker music fans and fans of cool melodic music in general :D

Have opened some nice Box shared folder where i post from time to time some trackermusic which has impressed me, converted into Q8 OGG files. Player used XMPlay and the libopenmpt plugin, including OGGEnc 2 from Rarewares.

Hope you enjoy the uploaded songs there from different 100% NON-COMMERCIAL and 100% NON-GEMA artists

Starting with a song from Wiklund, Prophet and Sakura Drop (Golgi & Jimmyoshi) - enjoy!
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Now you have the option to create your perfect UI theme in Vivaldi with the latest snapshot. Not bad :D
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Wonderful set of tunes by Virgill :)
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Hi :) Someone alive here? :)

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For all Space Lovers, there is today a nice event in less than 2 hours from now on :)

See here:

and here:
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Happy new year :)
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