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Daniel Frey
Family Man, MythTV Enthusiast, Podcaster, Tech junky, Chef (i like to think so)
Family Man, MythTV Enthusiast, Podcaster, Tech junky, Chef (i like to think so)


Google Home - Home Control

Do you need to setup all the devices on the network on everyone's phones in the house? Right now I have multiple Google Home units and devices from Best, Phillips Hue, TPLink and iHome. They are all configured on my Google Account on my phone. Do I need to do the same for my wife and kids phones?

How do the other ecosystems handle multiple users?
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Question...Shouldn't Android TV make a move to go the route of Google Home? It is usually placed in a multi-user environment. My kids are constantly on it and every request they make of it (i.e. watching youtube, searching for and playing music, etc) ends up in my history. Now that Google Assistant is on there, which supports multiple users in Google Home, shouldn't Android TV move in the same direction?

I've setup a POC with all the Android Architecture Components. This looks like it will replace my existing code nicely. I had a question on polling the remote backend for updates.

POC consists of the MVVM pattern. When the ViewModel requests data, it will trigger a background call to the remote backend and update the data within context (i.e. update all items from a list, a single item requested, etc). However, there are occasions where a background server process is triggered and the app will need to poll for updates. There are no push notifications as there is no centralized server, all users provide their own backend which is configured in settings. So I periodically need to poll, say for a video transcode to complete. Where does this fit?


Hey All,

Work has gotten the best of me these last few months. I just pushed an alpha release, 3.1.0. It has some bug fixes and gets the app ready to be used on Android O. No new features at this time. I hope to get back to that soon.

My GPS accuracy with my Google Pixel has really gone down hill. This is mostly with my running apps. Any idea how to clear out these settings? Does the Network Settings Reset do this? I don't really want to have to setup all my wifi, VPN, Bluetooth devices again, but if it's what I have to do then so be it.

The other day, #RunKeeper said I ran a mile in 3:41. I like to think I'm good, but not that good ;-)

Today, I couldn't get an accurate reading from either #RunKeeper or #GoogleFit.

Yesterday, while driving home from Hilton Head, SC (mostly in SC), I kept losing my GPS Signal in #GoogleMaps. Calibrating the compass by doing the figure 8 inside the app never really seems to do anything.

Any ideas?
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+DoorToDoorGeek requested this on #tllts a few weeks ago. Better late than never. Here are some more pictures of the full build of the RetroPie Arcade I built. +The LinuxLink TechShow
RetroPie Arcade
RetroPie Arcade
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Lyft Ad in the car hanging off the seat in front oh me.
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Anyone else seeing this? It seems the Android O Developer Preview on my Nexus Player is periodically killing all wifi on my Asus router. I found it hard to believe, but after I unplugged it, the symptoms stopped. I was originally thinking someone else turned on an Asus router with the same name, etc., but that was not the case. I changed the name of my router and went around changed it on all my devices. Everything was fine until I reconnected the Nexus Player and, almost immediately, the wifi network died. It almost acts as if the router has overheated and just stopped, then within 5 minutes its back up.

I am interested if anyone else is also seeing this.
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