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I've met the monster in me. He's not so frightening as he seems.
I've met the monster in me. He's not so frightening as he seems.

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Working on templates for an After the End game. I'm going to give the players the choice of how the world ends as well as which technology would have survived.

What kind of template would you like to be able to choose for such a game? I've built a few of the classic Post-Apocalypse tropes but I have to think there are some ideas I haven't thought of.

Building templates for the upcoming space game, wanting something Traveleresque, TL 9, adventure on and off planet, politics, enigmatic aliens, criminal organizations trafficking illegal drugs and tech.

What kind of characters would you like to play in that sort of game?

With some simple ability to modify humans, what kind of modifications would you figure would be useful?

If you were shopping through 25pt templates to round out your character abilities what kind of skills and advantages would you think would make a cool additional lens?

So this is very premature. I have too many games I need to finish running to start something new but we haven't been the space in a long time and I feel like this could be fun. I'd love to hear feedback of what you guys would do in the setting or ideas to make the plot thicker.

A Fire among the stars

At the end of the information age we were a people fractured by our ideas of how we would go forward. Ironically we have very little information about the problems we faced but we know that increasingly people fought against government and corporate factions with escalating violence that was destroying our civilization. We had stopped looking at the skies. So when the Hardeen arrived we didn’t see them coming. The Hardeen looked just like us except for their ghost pale skin and their silver eyes. The Hardeen seemed to be everywhere overnight, knowing our every move, taking over government and military without warning and putting down any resistance with swift and horrible response. They kept us like cattle and made us work to extract resources they would take to their word, robbing earth of her abundant minerals and water, destroying much of her natural beauty.

When those that remained free struck back it was a crippling blow to the Hardeen. They built sonic weapons the Hardeen were defenseless against and disguised themselves to look like the Hardeen, infiltrating their operations, learning their systems and striking them when they were their most vulnerable. The counterstrike was decisive, the battle turned quickly against the Hardeen and only a few of their number escaped our world alive.

We were once again a free people but we knew the Hardeen would return.
The years that followed were a blur of reverse-engineering Hardeen technology and scientific discoveries we never imagined. We built our first Faster-than-light ships we birthed true Artificial Intelligences and we learned to safely engineer humans to be smarter, stronger-better. But these new tools only created greater divisions between us for those who wanted to use the technology to run and those who wanted to stay and fight.

In the end we decided to do both. Four FTL ships were loaded with colonists who resigned their citizenship to Earth and took off into the stars to the four most likely survivable worlds within our reach. The rest of mankind remained on a polluted and depleted Earth for the day they would show the Hardeen their courage. The colony ship Dauntless landed on an island world they named Wreath. The colony ship Shining Hope landed on an arid sandy world they named Falk. The Colony ship Bountiful discovered their original world was toxic and with luck the only other system in reach had a perfect earth-like world that they named Fortune. The colony ship Destiny vanished into the blackness of space, ever to be heard from again. The Earth transmitted many messages during our journey further out into the galaxy but before the first of the colony ships landed it too had gone dark, attacked by the Hardeen and wiped out.

Wreath formed a union of socialist island nations, leveraging populist government and robotic technology to tackle problems of inequality apathy in their society. Their empire expanded to form mining and scientific colonies within their solar system and recently expanded to colonize two new habitable worlds Cassia and Pluto. Cassia was home to a pre-industrial alien species called the Narn that have surrendered to Wreathan rule. News of the defeat of the Narn has caused major dissent within the Union about how the Narn should be treated. Soon after being colonized Pluto expressed strong wishes to succeed from the Union. Originally Wreath enforced their claim on Pluto with military action but now they are debating the merit of granting them their independence. Weathan are proud of their Union and the morality that underlies it and tend to view other factions with distrust.

Falk formed a powerful Republic dedicated to the essential survival on their harsh world, leveraging an emphasis on individual aptitude and genetic enhancement to adapt to their world. Their empire expanded to form mining and scientific colonies within their solar system and they returned to Earth to form a new colony there. Their access to the original Hardeen technology allowed them to make new advances in ship construction and computing, making them the most technologically advanced of the factions, but soon after they reclaimed Earth they were confronted by forces from Fortune that wanted to take the Earth for themselves and they now struggle to hold onto their Earthly home and a wealth of lost alien technology. Falkans struggle with an often oppressive and factional government and violent unrest. They believe that their society can only progress with obedient acceptance of the role you are best suited to serve. Falkans are obsessed with the danger of the Hardeen Return, an inevitable next attack of their oppressors.

Fortune formed a benevolent Theocratic Republic dedicated to the fulfilment of the will of the Christian God that put Fortune in their path, leveraging fanatical belief and rapid population growth to exploit their abundant resources. Fortune’s population has grown much faster than other human nations, allowing them to spread further into the galaxy on over a dozen remote settlments. Recently they launched a journey back to their fatherworld to reclaim the Earth only to encounter a Falkan colony that has refused them their God-given right to Earth. After brief diplomatic attempts there was a violent conflict between Falkan forces and Fortune diplomats on Mars and now both factions are preparing for what they view as inevitable warfare. Fortunates wish to reunite humanity under the obedient worship of God, they believe it is a mandate of their creator that they will prevail.

Each of the factions of mankind have continued to extend their reach into the stars, finding barely habitable words and dropping poorly equipped settlers on them in a desperate bid to make claims. Some words even hold settlements of rival factions struggling not sabotage one another without provoking a war. These remote settlements, removed from the support of their high-tech words are more interested in the survival of their colony than the wishes of their faction. Laws become blurry and priorities of the faction change on distant soil, making them defiant and in some cases outlaw.

One of these colonies, put in place by The Fortunate Republic encountered a new, and technologically advanced, alien race called the Alaki. Fearful of another encounter like the Hardeen the human colonists attacked the Alaki savagely and were in turn wiped from the planet by their reinforcements. The Alaki since have been very diplomatic, even making a token gesture of penance for the murdered Fortunates by ceding the planet back to them. Unlike the Hardeen, the Alaki are very alien from our logic and diplomacy with them has involved many stumbles on both sides. Their end goal is unclear, but their power to influence humanity or wage war against us is very apparent.

In just the last year a remote colony on a Falkan Republic world named Landfall sent out a distress signal. It was answered by an emergency team that found all 211 settlers missing and signs of Hardeen technology. Falk is sounding the alarm that the Hardeen have returned and aggressively vying for diplomacy to unite the three tribes of man under their rule to fight against the Hardeen menace.

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Victorian Apocalypse session 8 is up.

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Session 4 of Victorian Apocalypse is online.

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Ok, here's an odd one.

We have nicely detailed rules for fighting on horseback, but more vague for a ride-by attack on a bicycle. As I'm in the forge working on an After the End campaign I find myself wondering about the inevitability of a fight happening with people on mountain bikes.

So mechancally how would that work? I'm assuming that you attack with the lesser of your weapon skill or Biking. Would an ride-by attack be a move and attack maneuver? Would there be an additional penalty for steering one-handed while chopping or shooting? If you make a braced melee-attack, such as jousting with a lance, would your increased move on a bike give you a damage bonus, and how would that be calculated?
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