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Transforming Healthcare
Transforming Healthcare


Tonight's summer meal is hotdogs, sweet corn paired with a pyramid apricot ale. Delicious!

Kids have now spent 15 minutes rigging the UNO card deck so I will loose. I might need to bring my own wild cards. :)

It is extremely unfortunate that the smartphone race is coming down to who owns the most "patents" and not who has the better product. It just shows the playing field has finally leveled out, and now there is little difference in actual hardware between Android, iPhone and Windows 7 devices. It is not coming down to the actual software experience the devices can offer.

+Daria Musk Any plans to publish your music on iTunes? Would love to download a few tracks after listening to the live concert yesterday. Thanks again for the amazing experience!

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Molly, Kate and I had the opportunity to watch Daria play L.E.D. live. Amazing!! Google+ hangouts are definitely a game changer.
Here's the "Guest List" for my first G+ Hangout Concert starting in 5mins!!
We kick off at 8PM (EST)!!!

Comment below to sign the guest list and that way if you make it into the audience or not I can stay in touch, schedule special concerts just for you and your friends, and let you know about the next G+ Concert we're planning! :-)


Now where did that Google+ iPhone app get too? eh em?

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Regence (the healthcare company where I work) has launched two amazing new startups in the past few months. We are attempting to build a consumer focused set of services where the goal is to be a catalyst in healthcare transformation. is a new offering which offers an innovative challenge platform. It is in open beta now, so just ask for an invite if you want to give it a try. It allows players to create fun, competitive challenges between co-workers, family members or even friends. Each of these challenges is designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. is a new offering which allows consumers who have HSA plans, catastrophic plans, or even don't carry insurance to access low cost healthcare offerings direct from the doctor. No middleman, you pay cash and you are on your way.
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Looking for folks out there working in healthcare who are involved in HIPAA 5010 projects? Do you have any stories to tell about how your project has gone so far? What kind of benefits are you seeing with advanced EDI integration with Providers using 5010 or portals from Navinet or Availity?

#HIPAA #5010

If you are looking for something unique to watch this summer give Wilfred a try. Fantastically original.

Is there a scriptlet yet for Google+ so I can quick share links without having to cut and paste?
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