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A Maldivian Holiday
After the Jones family flew back to Indonesia to begin their
return to America, we settled back into life in Colombo.   As we did so, we began planning our next trip
– which would also be our first trip out of Sri Lanka since we arrived.   For this journey ...

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Holiday Road: A Jorgan Family Experience Part 2
Picking up where we left off... The next morning, we got an early start on our first
adventure, before the sun got too strong.   This is a vital piece of planning when trekking or tripping  through a
place like Sri Lanka – the sun is incredibly strong here,...

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Holiday Road: A Jorgan Family Experience Part 1
Deployment #2, just after they flew away One of the best things about military life is the
communities in which you find yourself when you move around.   We have been fortunate in our travels to have
been a part of some small, but tightly knit communities t...

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Learning a New Food Language
Maybe it is my passion for food in general, but I think that
the heart and soul of a place resides in its local cuisine.  You gain a unique perspective about a place
and its people when you sit down and take in a meal in that space.  A meal that has been ex...

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Feeding our Family on Foreign Soil
For most people that know me, even just a little bit, it is pretty public knowledge that I love to cook.   Really, I love food, not just as something that satiates a need in your stomach, but as something that fuels your body and, often, your soul.   I love...

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Getting the Hang of Things
Sweaty but happy! Our first few days and weeks in Colombo were spent with our
heads craned and our eyes opened, looking in all directions.  We spent a lot of time trying to get out locally,
to keep it simple and to explore in small bits. 
Every day we expan...

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New Day, New Digs
After 3 years of waiting, guessing and attempting to plan,
the time had finally come for us to begin our yearlong adventure in Sri
Lanka.  Standing in the airport, stretching
our legs from the 10.5-hour flight and feeling a second (or third or fourth,
I’m n...

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Up, Up and Away!
Grant's Farm! After 3 weeks of road tripping, I think it is safe to say
that the 4 of us were relieved to be back in St. Louis for a week of rest and
preparation.  Even though we were
planning on doing some visiting while there, we also planned on getting s...

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Like A Band of Gypsies...
If you know anything about our family, then you probably
know that we love to travel.  We
especially love a good road trip.  We
have driven all over the continental United States and continue to dream up places we want to visit and trips we would like to ta...

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Are You Ready For This? Part 2
So, to pick up where we left off, moving overseas with the
military sounds like a fun and exciting endeavor, but it has its demons
too.  As described in the previous post,
there were a lot of hoops that Ryan and I had to jump through in order to
prepare for...
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