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I know i had an option that jumped to remote screen once i pressed play on some content.
Suddenly that stopped to work and i just can't find this option anymore.
Is there a chance it was removed in the update?

Is there a way to make a notification to disappear from the chrome browser based on a per app definition?
For example, Facebook notifications i would prefer to stay for 10 seconds while mail notification to stay until I dismiss them.

Currently I only see an option for globally all join notifications without an option to limit per app.

Would it be possible to add feature to AutoTools to disable or enable single account sync.
For example a task that disables gmail inbox sync only without turning off all sync options

Thank you

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I am trying to understand the extra variables sent by Yatse intents using Tasker's Intent Received Profile.
by looking in STATUS_FLAG I receive all sorts of number values.
while in the official API WiKi
there suppose to be only one of the following 3 possiable values:
1 - playing Media changed
2 - Media status changed
8 - Connection Changed

but i get all sort of values like 6,7 and sometimes over 100

what am I doing wrong?

Hello, question regarding Autowear app.
I am having problem to understand when Autowear app gets the %BATTERYOK% command. It's seems that sometimes it's received but usually it doesn't. For example the watch Battery charged from 70 to 100 and it didn't received.

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Hamas, ISIS... same crazy nuts
Palestinians Celebrate Tel Aviv Terror With Antisemitic Cartoons
+Elder of Ziyon 

Here are some cartoons and photos going around Palestinian Arab social media in response to the New Year's Tel Aviv attack [below]

...But as more Arabs start shooting Jews, no Western "experts" will look at these as incitement. Just like they won't look at a Ma'an column today that is very proud of how the Tel Aviv terrorist murdered Jews as encouragement for more shooting attacks.

No, the "experts" will ignore the cartoons and articles praising terrorism (and the absence of any Palestinian media condemning Arab terrorism) and say this is all part of a "cycle of violence."

Read the whole thing:

Below: "How good it is to snipe two heads!" (pun on an Arab expression)

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Map of First Ever Palestinian Rule Over Any Land

From: ""The Mendacious Maps of Palestinian “Loss”
+Shany Mor, - +The Israel Project  

On the other hand, the categories of political control and international partition plans are quite easy to map out over time. Since the concern of those publicizing the maps above is Palestinian control of land, we can illustrate this with a more honest series of maps showing areas of political control, using the same years as the original—adding one for clarity.

As seen above [image below], 1946 has exactly zero land under Palestinian Arab control—not autonomous, not sovereign, not anything—as it was all under British authority. We could go further back in time, to the Ottoman era, for example, and the map wouldn’t change in the slightest. 1947 sees no changes to the map, as Palestine was still under British control. Before the war in June 1967, control is divided between three states, and none of them is Palestinian. The 2005 map would be exactly as it is presented in the original series, showing the very first lands ever be ruled by Palestinian Arabs qua Palestinian Arabs. To clarify this a bit more, I have added a map from 1995, showing the withdrawals undertaken during the first two years of the Oslo process, just up to but not including the 1997 Hebron Protocol.

In fact, if we zoomed in a bit more, we would see how the peace process of the 1990s resulted in the first time a Palestinian Arab regime ruled over any piece of land. This occurred in 1994 with the establishment of the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and Jericho. That control steadily expanded over more and more land during the years leading up to the failed final status talks. Much of it was then lost during the second intifada, but eventually regained as violence died down, and the Gaza disengagement even expanded it slightly. All of these Palestinian land gains have taken place in the last 20 years and every square meter of it came not from Turkey or Britain or Jordan or Egypt, but from Israel alone; and nearly all of it through peace negotiations.

It is true that this is a smaller amount of land than that controlled by Israel—which is nonetheless an extremely small country by global standards. More importantly, however, it is small compared to what could have been ruled by a Palestinian state had the Palestinians not rejected partition and peace in 1947 and again in 2000. That is, had the Palestinians been motivated by the interests of their own people rather than the wish to destroy another people.

Read the whole thing:

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