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Relax, silly, it’s summer holiday time!

Summertime encourages some very strange behavior.
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A resident Danish entrepreneur, Brian Knudsen, is looking to transform
large tracts of unproductive land around Lagoa to considerably expand
the quantity of special crops he has started growing and exporting
from the area. In
May 2016 Knudsen obtained a 15-...

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‘If you want to keep it, give it away’
Staveacre, who helped countless addicts in Portugal conquer their
dependence on alcohol or drugs, has died peacefully in his home in
the Algarve. The
old adage about life beginning at 40 was not far off the mark for
Dermot Staveacre. For years he ...

Portugal is doing remarkably well in coping with two of the most important and challenging issues of our time – human conflict and climate change.
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Seeking science-religion accord
hours before joining hundreds of thousands of pilgrims celebrating
the centenary of divine visions at Fátima last weekend, Pope
Francis whole-heartedly welcomed scientists attending a Vatican
conference designed to bring science and religion closer tog...

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Fátima, fake news and black holes
the media focus was on Pope Francis and the centenary celebrations of
the miraculous apparitions at Fátima , a Vatican-sponsored academic conference was debating more scientific
celestial goings-on. Before getting on to revelations about the papal

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A full-throttle media frenzy is already underway ahead of the 10th anniversary next week of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. What a farce!
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Portugal has been just one of his many haunts of the Welsh conman, Kenner Elias Jones. Today, 18 April, sees the publication of a fascinating new book called The Charming Predator written by his former wife, Lee Mackenzie. Read all about it:

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A visiting professional photographer, Florian Schwarz, has been taking portraits of Algarve Romani people, ‘Gypsies’, as part of a European-wide project to depict migrants in a different light.
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Expats in UK and EU equally worried about Brexit

As the formal process of removing Britain from the European Union gets
underlay this week, two parallel surveys highlighting expatriate
concerns show consensus between respondents regardless of their
nationality and whether they are living in the UK or in t...
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