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Anders Bohlin
A librarian / musician / guide / bookstore clerk, groovin' on roleplaying and '70s rock
A librarian / musician / guide / bookstore clerk, groovin' on roleplaying and '70s rock

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My thing is the Deal of the Day on DriveThruRPG! Half off on monastery goodness and ravishing relics in radiant reliquaries! (or you know, ideas and random tables)

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Oh hey, it's my birthday!

I started my celebration by making a discount link for Monasteries & Relics. For a couluple of days it's $1.99 using this link:


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My pdf with random tables for monasteries and relics just went up on DriveThruRPG. The material was originally written for a Swedish medieval fantasy game, but this version is geared more towards the historical and European.

There's some stuff in there to use as adventure hooks (or character ideas in other medieval games than King Arthur Pendragon).

Do have a look, and maybe pick up the free pdf on what that magic wand looks like while you're at it!

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Random tables for medieval fantasy worlds

My Epimas contribution Monasteries & Relics is now available on DriveThruRPG. Check it out, espcially if you're into semi-historical games like Pendragon or Ars Magica!

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Hey, I've got something in an #Epimas bundle this year! A pdf about monasteries and relics and stuff.

There's way cooler stuff too – like that one-hour larp you play in rolling office chairs – so check out the games you can give a loved on for Epimas 2016. :)

(Was there some sort of tax to be paid on updates like this? Remind me!)
Tis #Epimas season, folks! And we have a ton of holiday cheer for you over at

Over 50 titles wrapped neatly into 8 bundles jam packed with PDFs of games and other goodies. When you buy a bundle, you’ll be prompted for a loved one’s name and email address. You’ll get your PDFs immediately and on Epimas morn (Dec. 24th) your loved one will get those same PDFs delivered to their inbox.

So tell your friends and loved ones you could use a little…

Good Will,
Or Mirth…

…this holiday season. And spread the same, because couldn’t we all use some?

Also, don’t miss the Stocking Stuffers, pairs of games for you and your loved one for just $5. More stocking stuffer deals are added every day from here until Epimas (Dec. 24th)!

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The year is 1348. The place is southern France.

The heat of August refuses to give in to the cool rains of September. The grass is yellowed, wells run dry, and even though storm clouds often darken the sky no rain falls.

The heat that we have to worry about. It's war. It's plague. And now people are talking about demons stalking the woods …

That's the basic outline for my Year of Flies setting that I cobbled together when I wanted to try the AGE system (haven't played any of the Dragon Age computer games, and I've got poor patience for reading up on settings).

I wanted the chaotic elements of the plague (civilization stagger, sometimes failing), Warhammer style beastmen to fight, and a reason to use medieval French names because I'm quite fond of them. Francois Bourgeons "The Twilight Companions" is a big influence.

I think the basic Year of Flies campaign isn't about fixing what's wrong (it's probably due to an astrological phenomenon a few years earlier - something that some doctors in Paris actually blamed IRL), but rather just enduring the month or so until the rains finally come.

Since I switched settings I used some house rules. Basically I replaced Backgrounds with a freer system and I omitted Magic as a basic stat. Here's my list for character creation (I'm translating back from Swedish on the fly so some things may get the wrong names):

1. Distribute 9 points on you stats.
2. Choose one weapon group in addition to Brawling.
3. Choose six Foci. Up to two of these may be exchanged for additional weapon groups.
4. Choose three Talents.
5. Equip your character.
6. Calculate derived statistics.
7. Give your character a name.
8. Give your character goals and ties.

I redid the armor list as but it seems that was only in my head because I can't find any notes. I think it was something along these lines:

AR 2: A metal cap, thick leather jerkin, or padded armor
AR 4: A metal cap/helm AND a thick leather jerkin or padded armor, mail with no helmet
AR 6: Mail AND helmet
AR 8: Full suit of armor (mail, brigandine, vambraces, rerebraces, greaves, helmet)

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For some reason we celebrate Saint Lucy's day here in Sweden, but not the saint. No, it's the day when we traditionally (well, since the 1920s) have let popular young girls wear the candle-lit crown and lead a band of maidens (and later on other assorted characters) on a slow caroling-spree. This year I decided I'd be Saint Lucy as well. At least on the internet. Thank you +Frida Ullenius and +Wilhelm Person for making that possible!

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And I thought mad geniuses were extinct. This feels like something Doctor Octopus would put together if he felt like getting into industrial music.

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Sooo … this may be old news or whatever, but SPACE ZOMBIE!

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Seems the lovely woodworkers in the St. Thomas guild are fielding an ambitious textile project – a 1,2 × 2 meter tapestry. They're not sure what kind of wool thread to use for the embroidery – maybe someone here has a suggestion for them?
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