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Rush Limbaugh now calls my girlfriend a slut - a post-grad who is actually able to get birth control through her university. THAT'S where I draw the line. I am signing petitions directed at his advertisers.
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Im sure you all did the same when ed shultz called a woman a slut on air right?
Sorry +Ralph Sevy - Calling someone a "talk slut" is 180 degrees from spending 3 days demeaning any woman who uses birth control.
Offensive is offensive, seems to me this is more political then any real outrage. So its ok to call a republican woman a slut. Gotcha
Was Ed offensive? Yes, specifically to one person. Rush offended ME, and millions of women nationwide.
He offended all women. Whether they use birth control or not. Sheesh, send him a video? (I just saw the segment on the news again)...
So its ok to offend 1 woman on air just not all of them. Gotcha.
Not at all +Ralph Sevy . Just able to see the context of each situation and they cant be compared.
There is no context. If a man were to call my daughter a "text slut" he would get the same boot in his ass if he had called her a "dirty slut". Im offended by the word and its meaning to describe any woman. All you are showing is that your outrage is driven by political agenda rather then actual offensive behavior
This just goes to prove my theory of the modern feminist being nothing more then part of the liberal socialist agenda and not about womens equality. Lets be honest, any man who would call a woman a slut in public is more often then going to call his wife a stupid c*#t in private. Either one has morals and principles or they do not. Sugar coating it with "context" is just being an appologist. Those who do it are nothing but tools of either political party.
+Ralph Sevy I dont think you heard me say that calling any woman a slut is unacceptable. You were too busy catagorizing me as a liberal socialist. We're all free to have our own ideologies.
I didnt catogorize you personally, i stated an observation. When one justifies abhorent behavior with "in context" it is no different then saying the ends justifies the means. Killing 30 children to get at 1 "terrorist" is justifed with the same thought process. I personally hold each and every person to the same standards i set for myself. I would not call a woman i slut under any circumstance (well outside of play time).

To demean someone is to demean someone, i make no distinction as to context, just as i wish others to do with me. If i step outside i expect to be callled to task.
If you honestly feel this way +Ralph Sevy - stop complaining, generalizing, and mislabeling people, and start a campaign to boycott Ed Shultz's advertisers yourself.
+Kevin Burgess i wouldnt say pointing out blatent hypocracy as complaining, mislabeling or generalizing. Simply making a point, either you hold everyone to the same standard or your opinion doesnt really matter. Personally i boycott all MSM. Why you seem to be offened by my unbiased commentary on your post is not my concern.
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