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Tristan Damen
I love games, writing and you.
I love games, writing and you.

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Former glory
Cry for father's hands No more following orders Fruitless rebellion He can't hear you now The shaking stops, but the brain Only knows fight / flight I'd never hurt you You have to believe me, dad Listen through the fog Find yourself in dark Through alarm, f...

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High Horse Audit 2015: The Best and Worst of the Year
For a long time I thought I wouldn't write a "Game of the Year" post for 2015 because it seemed pretty redundant, given that most of my free time in 2015 was spent playing Destiny. After spending the first few weeks of a new year playing games from the last...

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Cibele Review (PC): She's a poet
I was a shit teenager. Save for a limitless, almost cliched ability to recall classic Simpsons lines, I was humourless. I dressed like Joey Fatone (or X member of Y boy band), but thought I had a unique sense of style and charm. I had frosted tips. I couldn...

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Halo 5: Guardians Review (XB1): A retcon for the ages
I am a guy that likes Halo. I am one of millions.\ I wanted to like Halo 5. Really, I did. It's funny then that the game -- as both a package, or when considering the PvE and PVP offerings in relative isolation -- did all it could to dissuade me. Halo 5 hat...

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Badgers, art and body horror at Summertime Party
Last night I had the chance to meet up with a Destiny raid bro at Summertime Party, an event which showcased live music, video games and interpretive dance. The non-nerdy aspects of the evening were pretty cool. Emma Donovan and the Putbacks played a qualit...

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Destiny: The Taken King reviewed: Your loot’s light shines across a hill of content
(Note: This post first appeared on Unfortunately, they're now offline, so I thought I'd save this one too.) One thing becomes clear when you boot up  Destiny  following the release of  The Taken King : you’re supposed to feel dread. That overw...

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Destiny: The Taken King gives life and takes over
(Note: This post first appeared on Unfortunately, they're offline as of 30 November, so I thought I'd rescue it.) It’s strange to acknowledge my attachment to guns. Fictional guns, no less. This Tuesday night at 7pm, however, the moment I’d be...

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Fallout 4 Review (XB1): The revolution will be safe
Fallout 4 is safe. For a game about traversing a post-apocalyptic wasteland, it is so fucking safe. Fallout 4 is also an ugly game. It doesn't look exactly like (or 'as bad as') Fallout 3, despite what the social media cesspit may have you believing, but th...

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Destiny: The Taken King reviewed
I got commissioned to review the latest expansion to Destiny, The Taken King for . If you're interested in hearing my thoughts on Bungie's latest triumph, be sure to check out: Early impressions:

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Batman: Arkham Knight Review (PS4): About a Batmobile
Batman: Arkham Asylum was a good game. It was also a good licensed game; which meant that people -- particularly people with an affinity for the Caped Crusader (like myself) -- may have been a little prone to hyperbole when discussing one of the better game...
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