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Kamilah Beltran
Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bee! I'm one FLY nerd!
Float like a butterfly, sting like a Bee! I'm one FLY nerd!

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It's time to turn your ideas into real income.

But how can you FINALLY make this happen?

With one word: STRATEGY.

With a killer strategy under your belt, you'll have folks with their credit cards excited to buy from you.

And it doesn't have to be complicated.

Often, the best strategy plan is a simple one.

One tweak to what you're already doing could make a huge difference...
And turn a "meh" idea into a launch that generates real money!

If you want to kick off this year in a profitable way and turn your ideas into income...

I'm teaching a live online class on Tuesday, January 19th at 2pm central (Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern) where I'll break down the strategy of making this all happen.

In this FREE training, you'll learn:
- How to know if your idea is a winner
- How to plan your launch like a Rockstar
- How to generate income with your idea
- How to avoid the top mistakes when launching a new business idea

Register at:

I can't wait to help you kick-off your 2016!

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Anytime there is a struggle, it's the sign of a broken process. Success isn't reached by trying to make it happen, it's about HOW we make it happen.

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Back by popular demand and New and Improved! I'm hosting a FREE webinar training Launch Online Like a Pro: A Step-by-step Process to Creating a Profitable Game Plan.

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I'm going to show you:

- A step-by-step process to launching, promoting and profiting from your business online (even if you already have a website)
- How to use your website as a strategic tool in your business to attract paying customers.
- The biggest promotion mistake you can make that's killing your sales…and what to do instead.
- You'll learn the only tools you'll need to launch and create profits (even for the non-techies).

It goes down Tuesday, October 27at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern! Can't wait to see you there!

Sign-up at:

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TGIF!! I hope that everyone has had an amazing productive week. Recently I invited you all to San Antonio to attend the Sistas in Business 10th Anniversary celebration with me.

I had an amazing opportunity to give a mini-workshop on Launching Online Like a Pro...sharing the necessary steps of a Launch Funnel for consistent predictable income.

I'm thankful someone recorded it so I get to share it with you! Many of you don't know I grew up struggling with a speech impediment and still struggle daily to speak fluidly.

So that very thing that makes you feel like you're not qualified to do something, don't let it stop you. Go for it!!

Check out the training here:

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

My agency is sponsoring a live tech event in August. Anyone been able to combine the referral program with a live event to make sales?

Thanks for the invite! Would love to learn how to maximize my referral program.

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Building a business is an American dream than can quickly turn into a nightmare. In the very first episode of The Launch Lounge, Jena’ Emily Utley, Holistic Lifestyle Maven shares her personal experience of building a business she hated, turning things around and having a successful business and healthy work/life balance. Watch live here: less
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